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A track report directly from the cockpit. Peter Heinzl, Head of Automotive Sales, hands the steering wheel to Jürgen Lechfellner.

Fasten your seat belt! A fast-paced video clip celebrating the 30th edition of the Automotive Notes newsletter takes a look in the rearview mirror. Pictures of innovations, eMotions, experts flash by and whet your appetite for coming issues.

voestalpine martensitic steels boast of high strength and are ideal for bending and roll-forming. The SLIMulations show how and where they can be used to achieve significant weight savings in car bodies.

voestalpine Camtec finalized the O-cam series with the new optimized elementary cam as an entry-level model. All cams in this series have been specially developed for highest industrial requirements. The result: More quality, higher performance and longer service life.

Using greentec steel Edition voestalpine premium quality lowers the carbon footprint of your product. The savings are traceable and validated. Find out more about our LRQA validated allocation model here.

Highly customized steel strip to even more precisely meet the component requirements of the customer.

Our virtual SLIMulations demonstrate the advantages of ahss high-ductility dual-phase and complex-phase steels when it comes to saving weight.

The only European steel company listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index, among the top 1% of all participating companies in the EcoVadis ranking, has now also committed itself to the Science Based Targets Initiative.

From high-strength steels to the finished component: voestalpine experts talk about our comprehensive material, processing and development expertise.

Five beauty secrets behind the unique surface quality of voestalpine steels open new doors in the automotive industry for innovative exposed-panel applications.

It's amazing what steel can do! Learn more about it on our new website, where forward-thinkers can find first-class information about sustainability in steelmaking.

See how the innovative ahss classic cold-forming steels of voestalpine save weight in the car body of mid-size cars when compared with conventional steels. The SLIMulations series is constantly being expanded.

Steels in lightweight automotive design? What trends are moving us? How green is the future? How does voestalpine support development engineers? Experts from Magna Steyr, the BMW Group, Toyota Motor Europe and voestalpine provided highly interesting insights.

voestalpine is installing photovoltaic systems on the roofs of all the buildings on its Linz site to generate environmentally friendly solar power for an even greener future.

voestalpine has big plans when it comes to sustainability, but what are the underlying projects and initiatives? Stella sheds some light on them in an explanatory animation that gives you a glimpse into our promising future.

No question, the Automotive Dialogue was worth the experience. Here you can take a look behind the scenes with host Peter Heinzl in an interview.

Learn how innovative companies think ahead and meet the challenges of the future: Exciting articles from the Automotive Dialogue can be found here.

Did you know that you can use the Prime Service to quickly and easily order isovac® electrical steel strip for prototyping? The service breaks every record, even when you have short-term requirements.

The LOCCAM unit optimizes output in deep-drawing processes and increases component quality. It also leads to up to 8 percent in material savings.

“Expect more” was the motto of the Electrical Steel Day. Electrical steel experts provided interested listeners with new insights into the world of electrical steel. The focus was on material purchasing, material selection, sustainability and bonding technologies. Customers and partners from over 20 countries took the opportunity to participate in the live event.

SLIMulations show weight savings in high-strength components with innovative ultralights made by voestalpine and provide data and suggestions for engineering designers.

The voestalpine Steel Division leads the way with new solutions, including greentec steel products. The certificate awarded by ReponsibleSteel for sustainable steel production at the Linz site shows our green technology is on the right track.

The first hot-forming steel with a thin zinc coating for press-hardened components and strengths up to 2000 MPa is called phs-scalefree and is supplied exclusively by voestalpine.

Congratulations! The voestalpine steel innovation phs-scalefree sets standards in lightweight automotive design. Peter Heinzl, Head of Sales, Automotive Industry, in an interview on the anniversary of the newsletter

voestalpine is the center competence for additively manufactured components made of steel for the automotive industry, from component development and production to the assembly of hybrid components and their integration into the vehicle design.

Freight trains supply car manufacturers in Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate with steel from Linz in Upper Austria and transport scrap back to production. This saves more than 8000 tons of CO2 every year.

The scalable battery platform with a steel box developed by voestalpine Stahl and Bertrandt sets new standards in economical electric vehicle design.

Carbon-free steel production is our goal at voestalpine. Thanks to process optimizations, the Linz site is already an international leader in carbon-reduced steel production. Customers can benefit immediately.

In response to a demand from the automotive industry, first and foremost Audi, and to a proposal be VDA, a new generation of prelube has been developed in order to provide sustainable advantages in production.

When it comes to battery boxes for electric vehicles, voestalpine is the partner of choice for engineers with comprehensive material expertise. Make a battery pit stop on the website and recharge with a head start on your information.

Supported by voestalpine and other renowned project partners, the "Underground Sun Storage 2030" project has set itself a groundbreaking goal: The underground storage of hydrogen is soon to become a reality.

The newly developed basic cam unit represents an economical alternative to the premium series. With a load-dependent service life of up to one million strokes, its optimized geometry is very impressive. It features high forces and simplified handling. Added value for every customer!

For voestalpine, responsibility for the climate and the environment means taking a sustainable approach to products and production. A further step in this direction is the optimization of energy efficiency with the avoidance of so-called flare losses.

Safety and the protection of occupants in the case of a fire are hotly debated topics when it comes to electric and hybrid cars. With a self-conducted fire test, voestalpine provides refractory data and material expertise.

The automotive industry is on the move. Designers do not spend their time sitting back and relaxing: Safety, weight reduction and economy are driving factors in interior vehicle design. With innovative steel solutions and many years of experience, voestalpine is your partner in the field of seat structures.

In the field of e-mobility, voestalpine specializes in battery box bottom structures and sandwich designs with innovative advanced high strength steels, comprehensive expertise and support. In the field of e-mobility, voestalpine specializes in battery box bottom structures and sandwich designs with innovative advanced high strength steels, comprehensive expertise and support.

Battery boxes for electric vehicles must be crash-resistant and fireproof. voestalpine has systematically established expertise in the field of battery boxes and is a partner that offers more than just optimized steels.

The Duplex VARIANTIC® 1400 tool coating has set a milestone in the economical cold forming of AHSS steels. An expert interview reveals how the future is shaped through a Group-wide collaborative effort.

Highly economical cold forming. You too can benefit from the many advantages of ultra-high-strength steels (higher than 1,000 MPa) and a new coating for forming tools that increases tool life by up to 460%.

phs-uncoated steels are setting a new milestone for safety-related press-hardened components where the corrosion stress is low. This voestalpine steel is the new ace when it comes to maximum energy absorption and minimum deformation in a crash.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an international organization that ranks several thousand companies worldwide every year with respect to their climate protection activities. In two independent rankings, voestalpine improved considerably, showing us that we are right on target. It doesn’t get any greener.

With a high degree of flexibility and stability, voestalpine is your reliable partner, especially in challenging times. In his newest video message, Peter Heinzl, Head of Sales, Automotive Industry, shows you something that voestalpine will never be.

The voestalpine material data for forming simulation are now available online, and crash simulation characteristics are provided as upon request.

The properties of galvanized ahss high-ductility steels are a joy for forming specialists. Welders see this in a more differentiated way, especially with respect to liquid metal embrittlement. Here are top tips for tip-top welding results.

High-strength HD steels and their weldability are essential in the automotive industry. The expert interview hits the welding spot and provides information about the most important current issues of the industry.

voestalpine sets a new standard in the thickness tolerances of hot-rolled wide strip with guaranteed narrowest tolerances across the entire width and length of the strip. The precise advantages will convince you.

voestalpine guarantees the narrowest thickness tolerances in hot-rolled steel strip, thus providing a higher level of quality and economic advantages. You will find out here how this precision mission was accomplished.

Do you want everything just right in lightweight automotive design? With respect to responsibility for the environment, people and the future, voestalpine is a sustainable step ahead. Discover amazing facts on our new website “Stella Sustainable,” where we focus on sustainability and provide you with interesting images and videos.

Xpert Interview on the making of the steel innovation CP1400HD, which sets new standards in cold forming in automotive lightweight design.

The high-ductility, complex-phase steel CP1400HD of voestalpine redefines the limits of what is feasible in automotive lightweight design.

New voestalpine plants in the field of secondary metallurgy and continuous casting voestalpine remains on the fast track in automotive lightweight design. New plants make it possible to produce high-strength steels of the highest quality with the high capacities required by the market.

Highest strip flatness, strength and excellent cold formability characterize the martensitic steel made by voestalpine. This makes it an ideal complement to hot forging steels for crash-relevant components.

Experts attending the Tri-country Corrosion Conference spoke about trends in corrosion research and introduced the new standard corrosion test for the automotive industry. We were there with a camera.

Where does the current of opinions flow with respect to electromobility? An interactive presentation at this year's "Connected by Excellence" provided an overview of further developments in electromobility and insights into the opinions of representatives and experts in the industry.

HR700LAS is a hot-rolled, micro-alloyed steel within the hot-rolled drive product group of ultralights steels that not only meets the requirements of VDA 239-100, but is also highly suitable for challenging component geometries such as narrow edge radii, particularly in combination with punched edges and the flanging of punched holes.

The Annual Supplier Quality Report published by Toyota Motor Europe names voestalpine as the best flat-rolled-steel supplier with respect to quality and service. For the key account team, this is both a source of great satisfaction and an incentive to become even better.

A perfect coating can only be as good as the surface it is applied to. New coating systems without any fillers require the highest surface quality on hot-dip galvanized steels for exposed panels in the automotive industry. voestalpine provides this high quality.

Hot forming: Materials and production technologies. voestalpine is a hot tip in the field of hot forming. A content overview shows you why different materials and production technologies offer decisive benefits to our customers.

phs-directform®, a world novelty, is directly hot-formed, hot-dip galvanized steel strip to be used in corrosion-resistant light-weight components for the automotive industry. Tailor-welded blanks (TWB) can also be processed without additional expense.

Tubes and sections, corrosion-resistant and with high strength where it is needed. A patented rollform hardening process will soon be a part of auto manufacturing and will open new opportunities.

Construction of the new voestalpine production facility for the innovative field of hot forming is well underway. Production operations in the world's first line for the direct hot forming of phs-directform® are scheduled to begin in Schwäbisch Gmünd in the summer of 2016. The press tool must be installed in the production line before any parts can be pressed.

The requirements of car producers are very diversified with respect to structural autobody components, which feature ever lighter weights, higher strengths and greater stability. As an experienced and innovative specialist, voestalpine responds to the industry with phs-directform®, a material that meets the highest demands of hot-formed galvanized applications.

The next world novelty in the field of hot forming for press-hardened steels is on its way to the customer. Construction work is progressing smoothly on the world's first phs-directform® line in the voestalpine works of Schwäbisch Gmünd.