New-generation prelube2 coil lubrication


voestalpine delivers the future!

In response to demand from the automotive industry, first and foremost Audi, and in answer to a proposal of VDA, a new generation of prelube has been developed in order to provide sustainable advantages in production. voestalpine has responded to this demand and is already implementing initial adaptations and investing in this surface treatment. The first serial supply of steel strip with second-generation corrosion protection and forming oil will commence soon.

What are prelubes?

Prelubes are oils applied to the steel strip by the steel manufacturer in the rolling mill. Their purpose is to protect the steel from corrosion during transport and storage and to act as a forming oil in the press shop.

prelube2 with sustainable advantages

  • In storage: prelube2 requires less oil for the same lubrication performance. prelube2 is more viscous and forms an even protective film on the strip surface. This reduces oil redistribution and prevents oil leakage at the ends of the coil during storage of coated and uncoated steel. Storage becomes cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Slippery oil stains in coil storage are a thing of the past.
  • During the forming process: In the press shop, prelube2 ensures that the forming process runs like clockwork. The uniform and thin oil layer and optimized tribology reduce friction during forming. prelube2 has the potential to prolong tool cleaning intervals to produce more pressed parts in a single run.
  • Prior to further processing: Since oils must be completely washed off again before the body in white can be painted, a thinner layer of oil on the steel strip is more environmentally friendly.

prelube2 was developed by Zeller-Gmelin in cooperation with others and meets the requirements of VDA 230-213.

At voestalpine, we have a partner with many years of experience who, like us, pushes sustainability and delivers the new generation of oil in perfect condition. When taking all the steel components processed by Audi into account, prelube2 leads to a potential savings of 40 tons of oil per year. This is a significant factor in environmental responsibility, sustainability and economy.

Martin Michallek, Audi Forming Lubricants

voestalpine as an Audi partner

As a pioneer in sustainable manufacturing, Audi was the main driver in the development of prelube2, which has set the standard in the production of future models at the Ingolstadt plant. voestalpine supplies the steel coils treated with the new, technically complex but resource-efficient oiling process.

Optimized oiling is also an issue in the German Automotive Industry Association (VDA): Other manufacturers are expected to use prelube2 in the next few years, and voestalpine will be prepared to supply.

Reduced tool contamination

prelube2 advantages provided by voestalpine

The prelube2 corrosion protection system provides substantial benefits on the strip surface.