Steel in battery boxes

voestalpine specializes in steel-based battery box solutions for fully electric cars (BEV) and hybrid vehicles (sHEV and PHEV).

Call in the specialists

Battery boxes are an essential element in hybrid and electric vehicles. Crash resistance and fire safety are central functions for protecting the battery cells. But weight optimization, cost-effectiveness and a green footprint are also important factors. voestalpine has systematically established expertise in the field of battery boxes and is a manufacturer that offers more than just optimized steels.

Battery box power partner

As a steel-based technology enterprise, voestalpine has the highest levels of material and processing expertise. Our portfolio includes steel production, the development of innovative steels and manufacturing expertise. Our wide range of skills enables us to develop high-quality and value-adding solutions in terms of materials, processing technologies and economy. One example of this is the Battery Box Project that we have used to establish a high level of expertise in this area in an effort to guarantee optimum solutions and the best possible cooperation for our customers. Manufacturers of battery boxes can count on the following from voestalpine: 

  • Optimum steels for every component in the battery box from high-strength lightweight steels (voestalpine ultralights) that have set standards in good formability to mild steels for deep drawing.
  • Comprehensive support in component design through simulation support with material data and maps, feasibility and production analyses as well as corrosion and welding expertise

Research and development as the foundation

voestalpine began the Battery Box Project several years ago. The focus has always been on the optimum steel grades for every application. Extensive testing has been conducted and a high-quality solution developed for every component.

Fire protection 
We also focus on fire protection for battery-driven electric vehicles. Battery boxes made of steel contribute significantly to fire containment and passenger compartment protection. Fire temperatures range between 800 and 1200 °C. Aluminum melts at 660 °C, but steel at a much higher temperature of 1500 °C. Intensive testing with prototypes of a battery box in frame design were conducted at the Linz site. The results speak for safety and security. But that is another story. Learn more about this in a follow-up article.

A sustainable argument in conclusion

In electric mobility, environmental considerations are a driving factor and in clear focus of car makers and buyers. Steel supports this environmental idea because steel can be used, but it is never consumed and can always be recycled into new steel products. With a recycling rate of 94%, the steel cycle is now almost complete. From the perspective of its entire lifecycle, steel is the material with the least greenhouse potential. In production, for example, the energy consumption of aluminum is 400% higher than that of steel.

voestalpine is ready to be your partner for battery boxes.