CR800LA—Pushing Limits

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New microalloyed steel with macro benefits

CR800LA is the new top product made by voestalpine for cold-rolled, microalloyed steels that combines high strength with excellent processability. It is a high-strength steel with a minimum yield strength of 800 MPa and a tensile strength of up to 1030 MPa, yet it is excellent for forming. The special features of the CR800LA make it a convincing alternative for lightweight automotive design. The expert interview provides information about the macro benefits.

CR800LA property profile at a glance

  • Very good cold formability
  • Excellent weldability
  • Unique bending properties
  • Excellent forming of punched edges as a result of high resistance to edge cracking
  • Excellent crash performance
  • Weight savings resulting from higher strength
  • Available as wide strip