Save weight with ultralights

Direct comparisons make it clear. Based on the model of a mid-size car, our technical experts have simulated a comparison of the steel originally used with ultralights. 

The simulation results speak for themselves: Innovative ultralights provide the same crash safety, yet with significantly reduced weight. See the direct comparisons in our SLIMulations. Let your ideas fly when selecting the just the right material.

Professional consultation and material cards

Consult with the technical experts at voestalpine. They will be happy to provide additional information about component comparisons. The material data at voestalpine for forming simulations are available for simulation programs. Characteristic data for crash simulations are available free of charge upon request. Material cards are also available for high-strength steels for calculations in crash solvers such as LS-Dyna, PAM-Crash, Radioss and Abaqus.

Crash tests

Crash tests have been calculated for each component. These tests evaluate the crash safety at the front and rear as well as the roof and side structures of the vehicle.

SLIMulations: ahss high-ductility

SLIMulations with ahss classic

4.09 kg weight savings with CP and DP cold-forming steels

  • Dual-phase and complex-phase steels with various property profiles 
  • Applications: Crash box, side member, B pillar, roof frame, roof bows 

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SLIMulations with phs-scalefree®

1.49 kg weight savings with the innovative hot-forming steel 

  • The first hot-forming steel up to 2000 MPa with a thin zinc coating
  • Applications: B pillars and roof frames

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SLIMulations zeigen Gewichtseinsparungen mit phs-scalefree Stählen bei hochfesten Automobilbauteilen.

SLIMulations with ahss high-ductility

3.58 kg weight savings with CP and DP HD cold-forming steels

  • Dual-phase and complex-phase high-ductility steels with best formability and excellent crash performance
  • Applications: Side member strike plate, B-pillar, seat crossmember, sill outer part, rear crash box, rear bumper

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SLIMulations to be made available soon

Let your ideas fly

Please contact us for more information about SLIMulations. Our technical specialists will be happy to provide professional consultation.

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