Der erste Warmumformstahl mit dünner Zinkbeschichtung für pressgehärtete Bauteile bis 2000 MPa setzt neue Maßstäbe im automobilen Leichtbau

The first hot forming steel up to 2000 MPa with a thin zinc coating

phs-scalefree 2000 is a special development in the field of lightweight automotive design that opens up new perspectives for the manufacture of high-strength components.

The single-phase zinc-ferrite coating is our secret for success. It ensures excellent scale protection with outstanding hot forming properties and provides additional corrosion protection.
phs-scalefree® is the quality solution for B pillars or internal structural components. Galvanized manganese-boron steels for hot forming are also recommended for large components and are easier to form than uncoated or hot-dip aluminized PHS steels.

Mission accomplished. Zinc-coated steel up to 2000 MPa.

The new steel solution strengthens the position of voestalpine as the PHS specialist. phs-scalefree® was specifically developed to optimally complement the extensive portfolio of press-hardening steels for hot forming.

Unbeatable in manufacturing and component quality


Processability in voestalpine solutions for lightweight automotive design

Thin zinc coating for high level of processability 

  • No special PHS furnace atmosphere required. The zinc layer protects the PHS surface from scaling, and the high emissivity of the zinc-iron surface ensures rapid heating.
  • During coating and throughout corrosion process, the single-phase zinc-iron coating leads to reduced hydrogen absorption when compared to multi-phase zinc-iron coatings and thus protects components from cracking.
  • phs-scalefree® can be hot-formed using either the direct and indirect process.

phs-scalefree® steels have very good adhesive bonding properties because of their special surface.


Freedom of design in voestalpine solutions for lightweight automotive design

 PHS process for freedom of design

  • In the direct process, geometries can be varied as a result of lower friction in the hot forming-tool (when compared to uncoated or hot-dip aluminized PHS steels).
  • Complex geometries, including undercuts, are possible in the indirect process as a result of cold forming in the initial process step.
Typical components phs-scalefree®
Typical components phs-scalefree®


Safety in voestalpine solutions for lightweight automotive design

High-strength components for greater safety

  • The high-strength components guarantee the best crash performance with the lowest weight.
  • The single-phase zinc-ferrite coating protects the components from corrosion.
  • The experts at voestalpine will provide advice and support from component design to production.


Cost savings in voestalpine solutions for lightweight automotive design

Scale protection for higher cost-savings

  • The clean and scale-free processes ensure longer tool service life, reduced part cleaning requirements and longer tool cleaning intervals, which leads to savings in the forming process.
  • The reduction of tool deposits and low tool wear also ensure consistently high component quality.


Sustainability in voestalpine solutions for lightweight automotive design

Lightweight design for sustainability

  • High strengths up to 2000 MPa ensure lower wall thicknesses, lighter vehicle weights for lower fuel consumption and reduced carbon emissions.
  • The press hardening technology also enables larger components. Material usage as well as the number of parts and joints can be reduced.
EN 10346VDA 239-500Special voestalpine grade
--phs-scalefree 2000
--phs-scalefree 1500
--phs-scalefree 490

Carbon footprint greentec steel product

greentec steel product Maximum carbon footprint [kg CO2e/kg steel] 1) 
Hot-dip galvanized steel strip


1) The carbon footprint is calculated pursuant to worldsteel CML 2001-2016 (system expansion) on a cradle-to-gate basis.

All products, dimensions and steel grades listed in each voestalpine supply range are available as greentec steel.