SLIMulations mit ahss classic

ahss classic dual-phase and complex-phase steels are the proven, high-strength solution for a wide range of applications. In the SLIMulations, original steels were compared with possible ahss classic steels based on specific components. Corresponding crash tests were simulated. The baseline represents a 5-star-safety mid-size car (source: NCAP).

Component (Selection)

Originally used steel 

Weight savings in %

voestalpine grade 
CrashboxCR330Y590T-DP- 15 %CR570Y780T-CP
Front side member
CR330Y590T-DP- 15 %CR440Y780T-DP
Lower bumper
CR440Y780T-DP- 15 %CR780Y980T-CP
B pillar interior component
CR330Y590T-DP- 20 %CR700Y980T-DP
Cross member roof front
CR300LA- 10 %CR700Y980T-DP
Roof frame interior components
CR440Y780T-DP- 20 %CR700Y980T-DP

Test simulations

Roof crush test

Side pole crash test – 32 km/h

Front crash rigid wall – 56 km/h

Front insurance test – 15 km/h

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