E-Mobilität Batteriekästen ultralights - Volle Power für E-Fahrzeuge – mit Sicherheit

Full power and safety in the electric vehicle

Crash-safe on every side, yet as light as possible, battery boxes must meet extremely high demands. Their manufacture must be uncomplicated and economical. Having the right steel in the right place is a decisive factor. We are ready to provide assistance with our high-quality steel solutions and consultation.

Batteriekasten ultralights voestalpine Decken-Wannen

Steels for battery covers and trays

  • for components with high drawing depths, small angles and small radii (CR1 to CR6 in hot-dip galvanized or electrogalvanized design, single or double-sided)
  • for deep-drawn parts with increased strength requirements (CR260Y450T-DP, CR330Y590T-DP, CR440Y780T-DP)

Steels for crash-relevant lightweight components

Batteriekasten ultralights voestalpine
Batteriekasten ultralights voestalpine

Steels for press-hardened components