voestalpine specializes in steel-based battery box solutions for fully electric cars (BEV) and hybrid vehicles (sHEV and PHEV).

Bertrandt Scalable Battery Box powered by voestalpine

Full power and safety in the electric vehicle

Fully electric cars (BEV) and hybrid vehicles (PHEV) in all their various forms are decisive for our future mobility. Essential components such as battery boxes must meet highly demanding requirements. Crash resistance on every side and fire safety are required. At the same time, they must be as light as possible, economical in every way and uncomplicated to manufacture.

Call in the specialists

Profit from the material and processing expertise of voestalpine as well as the benefits of battery housing based on the advantages of steel. We provide competent steel recommendations, offer comprehensive support in simulations, material data and material cards for customized component design based on the expertise of voestalpine in the areas of corrosion, joining and welding.

Battery Boxes Vorteile by voestalpine
Bertrandt Scalable Battery Platform powered by voestalpine

Power solution for economical electric vehicle design

The scalable battery housing powered by voestalpine was developed by voestalpine Stahl GmbH in collaboration with the engineering specialists of Bertrandt. The scalable battery platform with a steel box meets the ECE-R100 standard, is designed for high-volume vehicle ranges and is a perfect-fit solution with respect to economy, sustainability and safety. Learn more

Optimized safety with just the right steel

We offer the optimum steel for every component in the battery box from high-strength lightweight steels (voestalpine ultralights) that have set standards in good formability to mild steels for deep drawing.

Batteriekasten ultralights voestalpine Decken-Wannen

Steels for battery covers and trays

Steels for crash-relevant lightweight components

Batteriekasten ultralights voestalpine
Batteriekasten ultralights voestalpine

Steels for press-hardened components


Expertise and solutions for the most common designs

Based on intensive studies, we have extensive system know-how that we are happy to provide for your optimal battery box design.

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