ultralights made by voestalpine, your partner in light-weight automotive design

Let your ideas fly! 

Why accept conventional limits of efficient production? 

Why accept conventional limits of efficient production? In the ultralights field of expertise, voestalpine bundles its material know-how in light-weight automotive design. Discover steels and solutions that transform even the boldest visions into lighter, stronger and more corrosion-resistant components that are manufactured efficiently.

  • ultralights by voestalpine offer a comprehensive range of steels for light-weight automotive construction, from advanced high-strength steels (ahss) for cold forming to innovative solutions for the hot forming of galvanized press-hardening steels (phs).
  • The basis for these outstanding solutions is the interaction of material expertise, process know-how and manufacturing excellence from a single source.
  • ultralights by voestalpine ensure individualized product solutions, customized services and logistics

Working for the best

Leading OEMs and automotive component suppliers trust in ultralights by voestalpine.

Leading companies trust in ultralights made by voestalpine.

Auszeichnungen und Preise

  • 2015 Staatspreis für Innovation: For its phs-ultraform® product, voestalpine was awarded the highest national honor for innovative companies..
  • 2014 Innovation Prize of the Province of Upper Austria: Awarded to voestalpine Stahl for galvanized, press-hardened phs-ultraform® steels.
  • 2012 Innovation Prize of the Region of East Wurtemberg: voestalpine Polynorm for partial press hardening
  • 2012 Autorevue Award: voestalpine Stahl for steel-aluminum hybrid blanks
  • 2010 SPE Automotive Division Innovation Award for Automotive Parts and Components: voestalpine Polynorm for spare wheel cavity

Introducing: the green future

voestalpine has always set itself ambitious sustainability goals and Stella Sustainable would like to tell you all about them. Stella reports on activities to protect our climate as well as initiatives for carbon emission reduction, environmental and social measures, the use of future-oriented environmentally compatible technologies, green logistics and circular economies in the steel industry. Stella represents our comprehensive commitment, our unstoppable pioniering spirit and the limitless culture of progress at voestalpine – curious?  

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