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CP1400HD – the next level of cold forming

High strength with best formability. You can have everything in life, at least in lightweight automotive design. The new CP1400HD steel grade defines the limits of what is feasible in the field of cold forming.

Unique in automotive engineering: CP1400HD is the first steel grade that has been specially developed for cold forming in the automotive industry at a strength class of 1400 MPa. The optimized microstructure results in a high yield strength, excellent bending properties and high resistance to edge cracking. The new ahss high-ductility steel CP1400HD was named CR1000Y1370T-CH pursuant to the nomenclature of VDA 239-100.

Ideal for crash components: The high material resistance to cracking makes it easy to form, resulting in very good bending and progressive buckling properties and thus enormous energy absorption capacity for crash-relevant components. 

Strong and trend-setting: In cold forming, these properties can now be used to produce high-strength, complex yet thin components with significant potential for lightweight design. The steel grade is ideally suited for edged and roll-profiled components, for which simple deep-drawing operations can also be used.

It is recommended for rocker panels, side members, crossmembers and stiffening elements (doors). The unprecedented combination of properties opens up a great deal of potential in the field of e-mobility and makes CP1400HD an excellent solution for battery boxes.

Forming and crash data for simulation: The forming data for CP1400HD is already available and can be found in the libraries of the forming simulation programs. The crash data is currently being compiled and will be available upon request.

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Next-level benefits at a glance

  • High strength (1400 MPa) with best formability
  • Best bending properties
  • High resistance to edge cracking
  • High energy absorption capacity
  • Available in uncoated and electrogalvanized condition