Save weight with SLIMulations

SLIMulations der voestalpine zeigen mögliche Gewichtseinsparungen im automobilen Leichtbau

Data and solutions for lightweight automotive design

The innovative ultralights steel grades make it possible to produce high-strength components that meet the same requirements as conventional components, yet with significantly reduced weight. The crash behavior of components made from original steels is compared with that of components made from ultralights. The interview provides an informative crash course on this voestalpine service.

We begin with phs-scalefree® data

SLIMulations begin with applications using the new hot-forming steel phs-scalefree® and simulations are continually being added. The weight savings in detail, material cards and recommended ultralights are available for engineering designers. The tests are modeled based on a mid-size car that was awarded five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test.

SLIMulations with phs-scalefree®

1.49 kg weight savings with the innovative hot-forming steel

  • The first hot-forming steel up to 2000 MPa with a thin zinc coating
  • Applications: B pillars and roof frames

More details

SLIMulations zeigen Gewichtseinsparungen mit phs-scalefree Stählen bei hochfesten Automobilbauteilen.

SLIMulations to be made available soon