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Best strip flatness for martensitic steels

High-strength steels for automotive light-weight design are the mission of voestalpine. Not only the material and forming properties are convincing, but also the special strip flatness of the supplied steel strips is an advantage especially appreciated by OEMs. With martensitic steel CR1030Y1300T-MS (MS1300), voestalpine offers a steel with high strength and best strip flatness for cold forming. It is predestined for roll forming, bending or edging operations and is thus recommended for safety and crash-relevant components.

Only voestalpine can do that!

With martensitic steel, steelmakers close the gap in strength when compared to hot-forming steels. In terms of properties, martensitic steels are in no way inferior to press-hardened steels in the finished component. 

They supplement hot-formed steels in the production of body components such as side members, sills, seat rails and chassis components.

A cool solution. 

The secret of strip flatness and homogeneity in material properties in MS1300 lies in special cooling technology and a special strategy implemented during martensitic transformation. In contrast to usual water quench cooling (WQ), voestalpine uses gas jet cooling (GJ).

Ideally suited for crash-relevant components in cold forming
Ideally suited for crash-relevant components in cold forming
Best strip flatness for gas-jet cooling of martensitic steels
Best strip flatness for gas-jet cooling of martensitic steels

Excellent combination of properties.

The high-strength steel features excellent cold formability, e.g. for bending and roll-forming operations. The one-phase martensitic microstructure also leads to very high resistance to edge cracking during the forming of stamped edges. This opens up great potential in automotive lightweight design.

Successful launch.

Customer approvals have already been successfully completed, and the steel is particularly lauded for its uniform properties and excellent strip flatness. The outstanding product features of MS1300 have now also been confirmed in serial supply.

Convince yourself.

voestalpine offers martensitic steels according to VDA 239-100 in uncoated and electrolytically galvanized versions.