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Hot-rolled steel strip for lightweight automotive design

Innovative solutions in lightweight automotive design require more and more complex component geometries with continually increasing demands on formability. voestalpine has developed a wide range of high-strength hot-rolled steels for the automotive industry in order to be able to reliably and economically manufacture stamped, cold-formed components.

They surpass the standards by far

The hot-rolled drive product family comprises complex-phase, micro-alloyed and ferritic-bainitic steels.

They meet the required mechanical properties pursuant to VDA 239-100, but they also exhibit above-average processing properties. With thicknesses of up to 6 mm, they extend the thickness range beyond cold-rolled ahss steels.

Hot-rolled steel strip for lightweight automotive design

Extensive experience and expertise

In the development of hot-rolled steels for “hot-rolled drive,” voestalpine has combined the years of experience gained during the development and launch of ahss cold-rolled strip for the automotive industry with material and processing expertise in the production of high-strength and ultra-high-strength hot-rolled steels for the machinery and crane industries. The result is the perfect combination of high strength and excellent cold formability.

The superior properties of hot-rolled drive

  • Ideal for complex components with sheet thicknesses beginning at 2 mm
  • Excellent for bending and deep-drawing operations
  • Very good edge formability and high resistance to edge cracking
  • Ideal for punched edges and punched holes
  • Best cutting and punching properties
  • Very easy to weld as a result of low C equivalent
  • Available in uncoated or hot-dip galvanized condition

Highly economical application

The processing properties of hot-rolled drive steels far exceed those of the standard, enabling them to be economically manufactured by cold forming.

The steels are recommended for a wide range of applications in the following areas:

  • Chassis components, e.g. steering parts, axle tubes
  • Crash components, e.g. bumpers, lateral impact protection, roll bars, impact plates, battery box frames
  • Seat components, e.g. adjustment mechanisms
  • Structural and reinforcement components (side members or consoles) and hinges
  • Passenger safety systems, e.g. belt tightener housings

Superior quality made by voestalpine

Hot-rolled drive steels were developed using innovative simulation equipment and are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities with the highest quality standards and narrowest thickness tolerances. Upon request, voestalpine is happy to provide comprehensive support, material parameters, support during the approval process, trial samples and material for prototype production.

Our range of supplies and services is continually growing.

At the heart of the hot-rolled drive product family are the steel grades that meet the specifications of VDA 239-100 and are already available in serial production: HR660Y760T-CP, HR440Y580T-FB, HR700LAS and other microalloyed steels.

Further product developments with expansion of the strength range or processability, including individual adaptations specific to the needs of customers, are already in progress.

EN 10388 and EN 10346 VDA 239-100 Special voestalpine grade 
-HR300LA / HR300LAS
-HR340LA / HR340LAS
-HR380LA / HR380LAS
-HR420LA / HR420LAS
-HR460LA / HR460LAS
-HR500LA / HR500LAS
-HR550LA / HR550LAS
-HR700LA / HR700LAS
HDT760C and HDT750C

Carbon footprint greentec steel product

greentec steel product 
Maximum carbon footprint [kg CO2e/kg steel] 1)
Hot-rolled steel strip2.10


1) The carbon footprint is calculated pursuant to worldsteel CML 2001-2016 (system expansion) on a cradle-to-gate basis.

All products, dimensions and steel grades listed in each voestalpine supply range are available as greentec steel.