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The new voestalpine cam unit adapter is now available!

Our new parameterized cam unit adapter enables it, to design tools more efficiently in CATIA. Parameters such as cam types, size, angle or width can be adapted quickly and easily directly via selection windows in CATIA. This saves valuable design time and ensures efficient tool design.

Laptop Catia

Your advantages

Savings in design time

 - One adapter file for all standard OT cams (incl. KS-OT 600-1200)

 - Simple integration into the CATIA tool design

 - No need to replace the adapter in the event of changes (width, angle) necessary

Easier handling

 - No external links to customer models required

 - More detailed information on the connection geometry

 - Additional features for loading time optimization

 - Simple and individual adaptation of the cam configuration

Use in the method planning process

- Representation of rough models without extensive details

- Reduced geometry

The adapter includes:

All angles and slider widths of the O-series (incl. KS-OT 600-1200)

Stroke-dependent force fields

Interference geometry of the slider (slider geometry)
- Incl. information on casting machining, e.g. trigger body for milling body for milling, sprue, shouldering

Removal area of the slide

Representation of the area for machining
- For milling, position for thread & pins

Information on the connection geometry
 - Mounting hole, fitting hole 

Parts list information