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Battery Boxes by voestalpine

Bertrandt scalable battery platform powered by voestalpine

Batteries and battery boxes are core components for electric vehicle manufacturers and system suppliers, not only with respect to safety and economy. The material specialist at voestalpine Stahl GmbH and the engineering specialists at Bertrandt have pooled their expertise. The result of their collaboration is a scalable battery platform with a steel box that sets new standards.

The innovative battery platform complies with the ECE-R100 standard. It is designed for high-volume vehicle ranges and meets the requirements of contemporary sustainability.

Advantages battery box

System advantages

  • Scalability: The Bertrandt scalable battery platform powered by voestalpine can be adapted easily and efficiently to various battery sizes and series.
  • Economic efficiency: Simplified scalability saves OEMs and system suppliers time, effort and costs from production planning to tooling.

Advantages of the steel box

  • Safety: voestalpine specializes in high-strength innovative steels for lightweight automotive design. These steel grades provide excellent crash resistance with low weight and ensure a high level of fire safety to protect battery cells. The Bertrandt design meets every requirements when the appropriate steel grade has been selected and ensures further optimization of weight and economy.
  • Design: When compared to aluminum structures, the steel design can be much more compact with comparable stiffness and strength. This improves the utilization of space and increases the energy density of the battery system. The Bertrandt design also provides maximum sealing of the battery box. This is made possible by reducing the number of interfaces between the individual box components and the roll-formed box that features only one weld seam. Another advantage of this production technology is that it is more cost-effective than others.
  • Sustainability: Steel is also the better choice when it comes to sustainability. Steel can be used again and again without any loss of quality. Steel is more energy-efficient and produces only about one eighth of the CO2 emissions of aluminium. Another sustainable argument is that voestalpine supplies steel grades under the name of greentec steel with a certified low carbon footprint. This way customers can reduce their Scope 3 emissions.
Battery Box

Steel expertise for battery boxes

From the earliest stages of development, voestalpine Stahl GmbH possesses the material expertise for the core components of electric vehicles and supplies the optimum steels for every requirement in the battery box, including dual-phase steels for covers, complex-phase steels for crash structures, mild steels for cooling plates and high ductility complex-phase steel for C profiles.

More about the high-tech voestalpine battery box

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