greentec steel by voestalpine

voestalpine supplies greentec steel with a reduced carbon footprint.

One step ahead with reduced CO2 footprint for the environment and our customers

Carbon-free steel production is our goal at voestalpine. Thanks to process optimizations, the Linz site is already an international leader in carbon-reduced steel production. Customers can benefit immediately.

greentec steel is available now

The balance model makes it possible to allocate saved emissions to all available steel strip products so that an equivalent amount of greentec steel is available (see video). Customers can choose strip designated as a greentec steel that has been certified and documented with respect to its carbon footprint. This means that customers can officially demonstrate their reduction of Scope 3 emissions.

Sustained demand 

The greentec steels made by voestalpine are a benefit to steel processing companies because the following applies from car manufacturing to household appliances: Sustainability, decarbonization and climate responsibility are demanded by society and end customers. These values are becoming an increasingly strong selling point. Tomorrow's products are sustainable, and stakeholders are demanding sustainable corporate strategies. voestalpine is a sustainable partner in every respect.

Details and data 

All steel strip grades and dimensions listed in the respective voestalpine product range are also available as greentec steel. The greentec steel products are identical in material and processing properties to the steels in proven voestalpine premium quality (those not designated as greentec steel). The reduced carbon footprint is calculated pursuant to worldsteel CML 2001-2016 (system expansion) on a cradle-to-gate basis or in accordance with EN15804 A2 (Environmental Product Declaration = EPD). The data are independently verified by LRAQ.

Greentec steel at a glance 

  • Reduced specific carbon footprint
  • Reduced Scope 3 emissions for our customers
  • Individually adjusted carbon footprint based on a verified balance model
  • Unchanged range of grades and dimensions in proven voestalpine premium quality
  • No change in material and processing properties because chemical analysis and mechanical profiles remain unchanged

voestalpine says good-bye to carbon dioxide

The reduced carbon footprint is currently achieved primarily by optimizing operation of the blast furnace route and using green electricity. Additional carbon savings achieved during the year can also be purchased. This is all part of our forward-looking path at voestalpine. By 2030, the coal-based blast furnace route will gradually be converted to the electric-arc furnace route, thus further reducing CO2 emissions by about a third. In 2050, not least due to the use of green hydrogen, our entire steel production will be carbon-neutral. The world's largest and most modern pilot plant for the production of green hydrogen in the steel industry is already in operation at the production site in Linz.

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