voestalpine phs-directform®

Galvanized hot forming steels for the production of press-hardened components using the direct process

The world novelty developed by voestalpine is directly hot-formed, hot-dip galvanized steel strip to be used in corrosion-resistant light-weight components for the automotive industry.

phs-directform® is the technically simple, safe solution for complex components and high efficiency, even in small quantities. The material is suitable for forming in existing and adapted direct-hot-forming lines. phs-directform® boasts of excellent strength, is suitable for joining, and its excellent corrosion protection make it recommendable for structure and body crash components.

EN 10338 and/or EN 10346
VDA 239-100
voestalpine special grades
--phs-directform 2000
--phs-directform 1500
--phs-directform 490
phs-directform® press-hardening steel applications

Advantages of phs-directform® in detail:

  • Exceptional cathodic corrosion protection
  • Press-hardening steel, perfect for lightweight automotive design
  • Economical manufacturing
  • Simple process steps
  • Less material usage
  • Good crash performance (ductility)
  • Strengths to 2,000 MPa
  • Excellent processability
  • Brilliant paintability
  • Suitable for tailored-property parts
  • Standard transport corrosion protection

The innovation for complex components made of press hardened steel

The blanks are heated to roughly 900 °C. This is followed by an innovative non-contact pre-cooling process that uses air to cool below 550 °C in an effort to prevent microcracks. During the subsequent forming process, the blanks are brought to their final geometry and hardened. Tailored-property parts can also be manufactured from laser-welded blanks.

Overview video at the click of your mouse:

phs-directform® press-hardening steel applications