High-strength steels for structural components, body and exposed panels

Our cold-forming steels stand for sophisticated applications, high quality and efficiency. Whether for a body component, structural component or exposed panel, we offer the optimum steel and forming properties for every application. We take the lead in development and push the limits of what is feasible. From standard to high-end products, we have the right solution. This makes us an efficient quality partner for every cold forming application. Please contact us directly.

Pioneer and innovation leader

voestalpine is a pioneer in the field of advanced high-strength steels (ahss) for lightweight automotive design. For more than 20 years, we have been advancing the development of these high-end materials with carefully selected chemical compositions and multi-phase microstructures attained by controlled heating and cooling processes. The basis for these outstanding solutions is the interaction of material expertise, process know-how and manufacturing excellence from a single source.

Partner in serial production

voestalpine ist nicht nur Premium-Stahllieferant. Companies in the business unit Automotive Components Specializing in cold forming, efficient serial production of structural components and exposed parts, assemblies and surface treatments.

Just the right steel for every application

The ahss steels of voestalpine have been precisely developed to meet the specific requirements of the automotive industry. The product portfolio guarantees solutions for every application based on specified properties (yield strength, total elongation, high resistance to edge cracking, suitability for bending and deep-drawing operations). Efficiency in component production is the third criterion that steel developers always keep in mind. The product portfolio includes the following:

A comparison of advanced high-strength steels (ahss)

Which steel is optimal for which requirements? With a decades-long development lead, voestalpine has the competence in advanced high-strength steels. A clear comparison of ahss dual-phase steels and ahss complex-phase steels can be found in the download Material facts. A comparison of ahss classic and ahss high-ductility steels is provided in the Performance Facts. Also available as download.

Property profiles Steels for cold forming