phs-directform® meets the sophisticated demands of the automotive industry

The requirements of car producers are very diversified with respect to structural autobody components, which feature ever lighter weights, higher strengths and greater stability. As an experienced and innovative specialist, voestalpine responds to the industry with phs-directform®, a material that meets the highest demands of hot-formed galvanized applications.

Weight savings coupled with excellent crash performance and outstanding corrosion protection are only some of the comprehensive requirements of automobile producers. Thanks to the phs-directform® innovation, voestalpine can now produce high-strength components with cathodic corrosion protection.

Unique serial production with hot-forming technology

The hot-formed, ultra-high-strength components manufactured by voestalpine over the past few years using 22MnB5 with Zn (phs-ultraform) and AlSi coatings have led the market with strengths in the 1500 MPa range.

phs-directform®, the world novelty developed by voestalpine, is directly hot-formed, hot-dip galvanized steel strip to be used in corrosion-resistant light-weight components for the automotive industry. Direct hot forming is highly economical, especially when producing low quantities. Based on many years of experience in the serial production of galvanized press-hardening steels, voestalpine has once again underscored its market leadership in this area.