The new optimized basic cam

Precision meets power.

Our newly developed basic cam is an economical alternative to our premium series. With a load-dependent service life of up to one million strokes, it impresses with its optimized application options, simplified handling and strong forces. 

Like all voestalpine Camtec cam units, our optimized basic cam is well designed and consists of only a few components. This significantly simplifies spare parts management and the exchange of individual parts.

The side plates with double prism enables maximum precision in the smallest installation space. The side plates can even be easily readjusted in the press. The O-BS can be removed to the rear and to the side, thus ensuring efficient use in the tool and extremely simple maintenance.

The O-BS offers added value for all customers. Find your suitable model in our product finder or contact us:


  • Work surface: 60 – 500 mm*
  • Angle: 0 – 75° (5° steps)

Technical properties

  • Average service life (load-dependent): 1 million strokes

  • Guaranteed service life (load-dependent): 500,000/750,000 strokes
  • Delivered in assembled condition
  • Sinter side plates
  • Complies with BAK, VDI
  • NAAMs insertion point
  • Special cam unit options
  • At least 600 N/mm² driver tensile strength, sliding element and cam bed materials