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We have around 500 Group companies and locations in more than 50 countries on all five continents. Our Group is organized into a total of four divisions.

Our management comprises six Members of the Management Board who together direct the Group’s business areas. They work closely with the Supervisory Board to oversee our strategic development and coordinate the Group.

Our company has also played a major role in the Austrian economy for over 80 years, and was pivotal in Linz’s development as an industrial location. The milestones in voestalpine's history are a significant factor in our success.

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Identity & positioning

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As an innovative, leading global steel and technology Group, we are a major partner to the automotive and consumer goods, aerospace, and oil & gas industries with our product and system solutions. We are also global market leader in rail infrastructure systems, tool steel, and special sections.

Another cornerstone of our identity is our commitment to the global climate goals. We conduct research into alternative production methods to help achieve climate neutrality, and are working at full speed to design technologies for decarbonizing and reducing CO2 emissions over the long term.

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Environmental Management

 Innovation is the key to our global success. We consistently place a high value on quality and an innovative approach.

We master the challenges posed by issues such as digitalization, technology, the environment, and energy by creating innovative production processes.

Digitalization and research & development are the key to ensuring that we can continue to develop new product solutions and processes into the future.

A key focus of our research and development activities lies in areas including future materials and additive manufacturing.

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We as voestalpine are an environmental pioneer, and environmental protection is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

We are consistently establishing new standards in the fields of environmental technology, environmental management, and recycling so that we can continue to optimize our environmentally-friendly products and processes. Furthermore, we invest in projects designed to conserve resources, and promote effective waste management and a circular economy, as an important contribution to climate protection.

Globally, we have been recognized as environmental pioneers for decades and are continually striving to create a clean environment and a green future. Our climate protection strategy highlights our commitment to the global climate goals, and we research into alternative production processes as a means of achieving climate neutrality.

One of our key research activities is the EU flagship project H2FUTURE, based at the site in Linz, which aims to replace coal with CO2-neutral hydrogen as a fuel over the long term. Here, efforts are underway to manufacture and exploit “green” hydrogen on an industrial scale.

Environment Glossary

Our environment glossary explains the key terms as they relate to the environment & sustainability at the voestalpine Group. 

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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility (CR) is strongly anchored in our corporate culture and Group strategy. We take our responsibilities as a company seriously and consider the impact of our business activities on society, our employees, the environment, and the economy.

Our annual Corporate Responsibility Report offers a comprehensive outline of voestalpine’s sustainability measures and goals, and demonstrates how the Group lives up to its corporate obligations. Research and development, the environment, employees, company, and social matters: the annual Corporate Responsibility Report presents voestalpine’s sustainability achievements, and provides an overview of the relevant activities, dates, facts & figures.

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Employee Participation


The voestalpine employee shareholding scheme was established back in the year 2000. Ownership of company shares gives our employees a significant stake in our business success and supports the Group’s development over the long term.

Our employee shareholding scheme is an important instrument in creating a respectful corporate culture. Our core principles include not only mutual respect, but also equity investment which combines strategic ownership with personal profit. 

The voestalpine Mitarbeiterbeteiligung Privatstiftung bundles the voting rights from about 25.5 million shares on behalf of about 26,550 current and past voestalpine workers and employees. It also establishes two different forms of co-determination: via a seat at the Annual General Meeting, and a mandate on the voestalpine Supervisory Board.

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