In our industry we are seen as a pioneer in environmentally friendly products and processes.

For decades sustainable production processes, the responsible management of resources, and using the best possible technologies have been integral to our company philosophy and our operative activities. At the same time, these premises form the basis for our claim to long-term quality leadership in products and services.



  • Holistic responsibility for products
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Establishment of environmental management systems
  • Employee integration and environmentally aware behavior by all
  • Open and objective dialogue


As one of the steel industry’s leaders when it comes to quality, we strive to maintain an ecologically clean environment. We therefore are active advocates for ecological and targeted production, the responsible use of precious resources and an intact work environment. We take responsibility for our actions and are working with passion on our green future.

Johann Prammer, Head of Strategic Environmental Management at voestalpine;

Core topics

  • Environmental management
  • Energy and resource efficiency
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Keeping air and water clean
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Climate protectio

 Core topics in detail.

We produce sustainably

Steel is nearly 100% recyclable and today is used virtually everywhere. It makes our lives more comfortable, more environmentally friendly, more mobile and safer. We carefully scrutinize every detail to optimize the use of precious resources during the production of steel. We draw on our power of innovation to provide the basis for modern energy and mobility concepts, and thus a better climate situation.

We provide facts

For years we have been systematically employing measures to improve the environmental standards at the voestalpine Group with great success. At the Linz site, for instance, two-thirds of all waste and recyclables are fed back into the production process. Overall, the internal and external recycling rate is over 80%.

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