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An overview of our Group

We are a leading global steel and technology Group in our business segments with a combination of material and processing expertise, and headquartered in Linz. Our company is divided into four divisions, each with a product and service portfolio that makes them a leading provider in Europe or worldwide. As an environmentally friendly international Group, and an important ecological pioneer, we are committed to the global climate goals. We are working intensively to develop technologies for decarbonization, and to reduce CO2 emissions over the long term in order to achieve our goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

Products and services

With our top-quality products and system solutions, we are a leading partner of the automotive, energy, mechanical engineering, consumer goods and aerospace industries. We are also the global market leader in railway systems systems, tool steel and special profiles.

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Facts and figures business year 2023/24

voestalpine AG has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1995 and is one of the best-performing ATX companies.

Development of the key figures, adjusted

Revenue (in millions of euros) 16,684.3
EBITDA (in millions of euros) 1,666.1
EBITDA margin (in %) 10 %
EBIT (in millions of euros) 569.3
EBIT margin (in %) 3.4 %
Employees (full-time equivalent) 51,589

voestalpine worldwide

Innovations and the environment

We continue to invest substantially in research and development. Innovations are vital not only for products but also for environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The ongoing improvement of the environmental compatibility of production facilities is therefore an important component of innovation measures. We as voestalpine are committed to global climate targets and are working intensively on technologies aimed at decarbonizing steel production and lowering our CO2 emissions over the long term.

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Further information about the voestalpine Group

  • History

    On May 13, 1938, in Linz-St. Peter, ground was broken for the Reichswerke Aktiengesellschaft für Erzbergbau und Eisenhütten “Hermann Göring”, a subsidiary of the Reichswerke AG Berlin founded a year earlier. This marked the beginning of voestalpine, around 80 years ago. 

    Since that date, our Group has celebrated many important milestones in its history: they include privatization in 1995; our Group becoming international; commissioning of the world’s largest pilot facility for the CO2-neutral production of green hydrogen in the steel industry in 2019; and the groundbreaking ceremony for the world’s most advanced special steel plant in Kapfenberg, to name but a few.

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  • Environment

    We place a high priority on environmental and climate protection, both of which are guiding entrepreneurial principles at voestalpine. By working intensively on new technologies, products, and processes, we are making a valuable contribution to climate protection.

    Another important focus lies in decarbonizing steel production. We have already taken an important step towards decarbonization and the long-term reduction of CO2 emissions by commissioning the world’s largest hydrogen pilot facility, H2FUTURE.

    More information about the environment and our climate protection strategy is available here.

  • Employee shareholding scheme

    Since 2000, we as voestalpine has offered our employees a shareholding scheme which was jointly developed by our Group’s management and Works Council.

    This innovative concept allows existing and former employees to acquire their own shares in the company.  By bundling their voting rights, they become a stable core shareholder, as well as profiting from our success as individual shareholders. Currently, around 26,660 employees are members of the employee shareholding scheme, together holding around 25,5 million shares.

    Find out more about our employee shareholding scheme and its basic principles.

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    Here you will find all the products manufactured by our divisions, for the automotive industry, railway, construction industry, energy sector, white goods and consumer goods, warehousing, aerospace, mechanical engineering, and steel construction segments.

  • Leadership of voestalpine AG is the responsibility of the six Members of its Management Board. The members comprise the Chairman of the Management Board, the CFO, and the heads of the divisions.

    They work closely with the Supervisory Board to oversee voestalpine’s strategic development and coordinate our Group.

    The Supervisory Board also ensures that the measures and decisions implemented by the Management Board are legally compliant, cost-effective, and purposeful.

    Find out more about the Members of our Management Board and Supervisory Board.

  • Engagement

    As an international Group, we see it as our duty to be actively engaged with and to support local society: for several years now, we have patronized cultural projects and institutions, as well as stepping in to provide social assistance, and help during emergency situations. Many of our projects are focused on sustainable products and processes which make an important contribution to environmental and climate protection.

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  • Research and development

    In order to remain one step ahead as a leading steel and technology Group, and to continue to generate industrial innovations, and new products and processes, we continually invest in research & development.

    Over 700 voestalpine employees work in research around the world, helping to create and test new product solutions, and bring them to market.

    A key focus of our research lies in the growing mobility and energy sectors. However, our research activities are also focused on using resources more efficiently, as a means of protecting the environment.

    Find out more about research and development at voestalpine.