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Research & Development

As a steel and technology group and a global leader in technology-intensive industries with the highest quality standards, research & development are the basis for our success. Continuously growing expenditure in this field reflects the high standing of R&D within the Group. By permanently investing in research & development, we ensure that our company can continue to generate new product solutions and processes over the long term.

Facts and Figures

Head of research Kurt Satzinger

The new record research budget of EUR 245 million means that research, development and innovation in the voestalpine Group can once again make an important contribution to the company this year. In particular, the technology switch to electric arc furnaces in the transformation process of the steel industry requires research-intensive support for our high-quality products, so that ultimately our customers receive the usual quality with consistent properties. With the help of digitalization, the topic of sustainability in all R&D activities to increase resource, energy and general process efficiency is optimally supported and further advanced.

Head of research Kurt Satzinger

Our company’s scientific R&D network includes important partners

Intensive research and development are the foundations for voestalpine’s international technology and quality leadership in its most advanced customer segments. One key research area is digital and smart technologies, including “intelligent” cold-rolled steel strip (tailor-made functional steel), and fully digital turnouts which report maintenance requirements to rail network operators in real time. At the same time, we also strive to create environmentally friendly products and processes, such as ultra high-strength steels with excellent formability for use in lightweight automotive construction, which help to reduce fuel consumption. 

We take an open innovation approach, involving external partners in research and development projects where they are required for the projects’ success. We aspire to create strategic, long-term partnerships based on trust and technological equality which create value for both partners. 

Our international and national partners:

  • Universities such as the Montanuniversität Leoben, with a focus on the further development of steelmaking processes, but also new processes, e.g. with whom we conduct research into carbon-neutral energy and raw materials innovations, and JKU Linz, for research into digitalizing customer relationships in the global automotive industry;
  • Universities of applied sciences, such as FH Oberösterreich (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria), with a research project into effectively targeting environmental marketing at young people;
  • The Christian Doppler Research Association for application-orientated fundamental research.
  • Competence centers, such as the Metallurgical Competence Center K1MET or the Materials Center Leoben, which use intelligent methods in material development;
  • Customers: working with them allows us to respond directly to their needs and generates new successful product solutions.

These partnerships complement the R&D network in the best way.

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