Corporate bond 2017


Type of issue  Senior bond 
Issue volume EUR 500,000,000 
Denomination EUR 500 
Coupon rate 1.375 % p.a. 
Maturity September 27, 2024 
Redemption At 100 % 
Listing Trading on the Second Regulated Market on the Vienna Stock Exchange 
Issue date September 27, 2017 
Stock identification number  (ISIN) AT0000A1Y3P7 


Corporate bond 2014

Type of issue Senior bond
Issue volume EUR 400,000,000
Denomination EUR 500
Coupon rate 2.25 % p.a.
Maturity October 14, 2021
Redemption At 100 %
Listing Trading on the Second Regulated Market on the Vienna Stock Exchange
Issue date October 14, 2014
Stock identification number (ISIN) AT0000A19S18


Hybrid bond 2013

Type of issue Hybrid bond (subordinated)
Issue volume EUR 500,000,000
Denomination EUR 1,000
Coupon rate 7.125 % p.a. from issue date until 31.10.2014 (excl.)
6 % p.a. from 31.10.2014 until 31.10.2019 (excl.)
5-years-swap (from 29.10.2019) + 4.93 % p.a. from 31.10.2019 until 31.10.2024 (excl.)
three-month EURIBOR 4.93 % p.a. + step-up of
1 % p.a. from 31.10.2024
Maturity The bonds have no final maturity date
Redemption At 100 %
Listing Official Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange
Issue date March 20, 2013
Stock identification number (ISIN) AT0000A0ZHF1




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