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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is integral to our corporate culture and a significant part of the corporate strategy. We have been living up to our ecological and social responsibilities for many years.

We take our corporate responsibility seriously

Steel plays an important role in every area of our daily lives. Each year, around 1,870 million tons of steel are produced and processed worldwide, 7.2 million tons of it by voestalpine. We are actively developing and applying environmentally-friendly steel manufacturing processes, as well as waste management measures and an active environmental protection policy.

We are researching into products which indirectly reduce CO₂, considering life cycle assessment (LCA) and encouraging a life cycle approach through its active involvement in working groups at EUROFER and the World Steel Association.

We meet our social obligations as a company through our comprehensive safety measures, a Group-wide health management system, and a wide variety of opportunities for continued professional development.

Since April 2019, voestalpine is a member of the initiative ResponsibleSteel and commits itself to the 12 principles. The biggest site in Linz was successfully certified according to the ResponsibleSteel-standard in 2021, the creation of which experts of the voestalpine, alongside many other interested parties, were actively involved in.


With the Corporate Responsibility Report we disclose our measures

With the publication of its Corporate Responsibility Report, we outline the sustainability and corporate responsibility measures implemented across the Group, how the Group communicates with stakeholders, and the advances achieved by the Group in terms of employees, society, environment, research and development, as well as corporate governance and compliance. The CR report is available in German and English, and fact sheets have been published in 14 languages.

More on the Corporate Responsibility Report in the online version.

Ordering the Corporate Responsibility Report

Would you like to get a print version of the voestalpine Corporate Responsibility Report? Please send an email to with your name and address, giving “CR Report” as the subject heading.

worldsteel Sustainability Charter

worldsteel Sustainibility Charter 2022

voestalpine has been selected as one of around 40 steel producers invited to sign up to the worldsteel Sustainability Charter. This requires 20 criteria to be met, including publication of a sustainability report and making available environmental, employee, and operational safety performance indicators. The charter comes into effect in March 2022 after signing by the CEOs.

Pillars of corporate responsibility

  • Acting responsibly is at the heart of our corporate culture and the reason that the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of voestalpine AG decided to accept the Austrian Corporate Governance Code back in 2003. Furthermore, we have our own code of conduct, and this forms the basis for ethically and legally sound employee behavior (compliance). Its primary focus lies in protecting free competition (anti-trust laws), avoiding corruption and observing human rights.

  • We engourage innovation: as a result of increasing investment in research and development, products and production processes are developed and improved on an ongoing basis. Much development activity focuses on creating solutions in the energy efficiency and mobility sectors, as well as in reducing costs and improving raw materials efficiency.

    More on research & development.

  • Our risk management is designed to identify and mitigate against risks at an early stage. This risk management system takes the form of a general, established procedure which applies to the whole Group. It is based on a revolving process which must be undertaken at least once a year.

    More about risk management.

  • When it comes to environmental sustainability, emissions neutrality, and energy and raw materials efficiency, we are regarded as an international benchmark in the steel industry. In order to maintain this position, the entire voestalpine Group optimizes production plants and technologies on an ongoing basis. Therefore, active environmental protection and conserving resources are anchored in the company’s philosophy. Within the organization the preconditions are created for continual improvements in the field of environmental protection, and the corresponding principles are established.

    More about environment.

  • We operate internationally with a staff of around 49,000 employees worldwide. A key concern is safety at work, and particularly accident prevention. Ongoing professional development and apprenticeship training are important instruments for maintaining staff qualifications at the highest levels.

    More on the subject of employees and apprentices.

  • voestalpine actively lives up to its social responsibilities, supporting social, cultural, and educational affairs in a wide variety of ways. When selecting projects, care is taken that they accord with company principles and create a sustainable benefit for society.

    More about our cultural involvement.