Toward a greener future together

"ONE STEP AHEAD." stands for our claim that we will always go further than the others. This is our commitment to environmental and climate protection as well as sustainability with a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly production and conscientious use of valuable resources, in addition to the high quality and innovative strength of our products. We regularly check every procedure and process and work on improvements whenever they are possible. We are always looking for better solutions if the current one does not yet satisfy us with respect to its environmental compatibility. This is what makes us who we are when it comes to the environment: ONE STEP AHEAD.

Clean air
Linz is considered one of the cleanest industrial cities in Europe, and our commitment over the past decades has made a significant contribution. Emissions generated during steel production are precisely documented, analyzed and optimized on a continuous basis. The important steps we are taking with greentec steel toward an even greener future help us to pursue our long-term goal of using hydrogen-based technologies to produce the same demanding grades of steel in a CO2-neutral fashion.

Responsibility for tomorrow’s world
In collaboration with our customers in the automotive, household appliance, machinery and energy industries, as well as with all our suppliers, we work comprehensively over the long term to achieve an even higher level of sustainable production and future-oriented products. We work as a company to ensure that all our products more than meet every ecological requirement, including long service life, conservation of valuable resources and the highest levels of reusability and recyclability.

Waste management
We use every material as long and as often as possible. Once the purpose of each material has been fulfilled, it is reused or recycled either in house or externally. The continuous optimization of process flows is a key factor that we consistently take into account in order to steadily increase the proportion of recycled materials and waste used sustainably and to further promote the conservation of valuable resources.

Environmental management = shared responsibility
Well planned and sustainable management of environmental issues is a matter of course in all of our operations: The Linz production site assumed a pioneering role many years ago and for several decades has been adhering to an environmental management system pursuant to EMAS and ISO 14001. voestalpine Stahl GmbH, voestalpine Grobblech GmbH, voestalpine Giesserei Linz GmbH, Logistik Service GmbH and voestalpine Europlatinen GmbH prepare a joint annual environmental statement pursuant to the EMAS Regulation. This Environmental Statement informs the public of current environmental topics and projects in the voestalpine Steel Division.

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