Responsible action in the interest of sustainability is an integral part of the corporate culture at voestalpine. Numerous measures to improve the environment have been successfully implemented over several decades.

Clean air

Linz is considered to be one of the cleanest industrial cities in Europe today voestalpine at the Linz site has made a significant contribution to this achievement.

As at no other integrated metallurgical facility worldwide, emission data at the Linz site of voestalpine are monitored and measured at more than 26 emission sources, and the measurements are transmitted online to the local authorities in Linz.

Holistic responsibility for production and products

voestalpine develops products in collaboration with its customers and suppliers, fully taking ecological demands such as long service life, resource preservation and optimized recyclability into account.

Steel is a contribution to environmental protection and conservation of resources

Steel is durable, easy to repair and can always be recycled into new steel products.

After being used, steel is returned to the steel production process without any loss of quality. Reused steel also leads to reduced  CO emissions in the manufacturing process. 

Waste management

Our production process management systems and the installed environmental protection systems utilize and re-utilize a large amount of internal and external (waste) materials.

The processes are continually optimized in order to improve waste and material utilization and thus conserve natural resources.

Environmental management pursuant to ISO 14001 and EMAS

The Linz site has been operating an active environmental management system for many decades to analyze and continuously improve our environmental performance.