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Today, the steel site in Donawitz is one of the ironworks with the cleanest environmental performance in Europe.

Acting in the interests of quality and environmental protection

Quality is an essential part of our success. Only those who convince with high-quality products and services can permanently satisfy customers. Our high standards for ourselves are the basis for the ongoing development of our products and processes.

The active reference to environmental issues is part of our corporate culture. We are aware of our responsibilities and we act accordingly. Technological progress has now created opportunities to achieve as far as possible clean processes in steel production. We have used this development intensively in Donawitz in recent years.

Today, the Donawitz steel site is one of the cleanest steel mills in Europe.

Environmental protection is also being continuously developed. The environmental management system has been validated in accordance with the European EMAS Regulation since 1999 and has been certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001. Energy management in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard as well as occupational safety and health management in accordance with ISO 45001 are further essential pillars for the company's progress.