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Commercial vehicle industry

Focus on economic efficiency

The movement of goods is growing worldwide, and cost pressures in the commercial vehicle industry are increasing. The demands on highly efficient lightweight design are being completely redefined in ever shorter periods of time. ultra-high-strength steel grades and innovative technologies are the key to efficient and future-oriented lightweight design. Innovative materials made by voestalpine facilitate functional integration and reduce the cost of parts and components. The specialists at voestalpine offer an extensive portfolio of high-quality steels for cold, hot and roll forming as well as tailored-property parts Their innovations continue to push the limits of what is possible in commercial vehicle design. In achieving this, industry-specific materials, manufacturing expertise and reliability are coupled with effective relationships with our business partners, making voestalpine a top-notch supplier to leading manufacturers in the commercial vehicle industry.

Let your ideas fly! That's ultralights

Transforming ideas into lighter, stronger and more corrosion-resistant components. That is the credo of ultralights made by voestalpine. The ultralights made by voestalpine offer a comprehensive range of steels for lightweight design in the commercial vehicle industry, from advanced high-strength steels (ahss) for cold forming to innovative solutions for the hot forming of galvanized press-hardening steels (phs). That is how voestalpine pushes the limits of what is efficiently feasible in the commercial vehicle industry.

hot-rolled drive, hot-rolled steel strip

Ever growing demands in the commercial vehicle industry require ever more innovative design and material solutions. Especially in lightweight automotive design, more complex component geometries can only be made possible by maximizing the formability of the materials. In answer to this, voestalpine has developed a wide range of high-strength hot-rolled steels. The result is the perfect combination of high strength and excellent cold formability in the steel. The processing properties of hot-rolled drive steels far exceed those of the standard and offer economic advantages as well.

durostat® for hardness against wear

durostat®, stands for a range of voestalpine steels that is ideally suited to the demands of the commercial vehicle industry. Thanks to its extremely high wear resistance, the remarkable performance of durostat® in construction machinery can be transferred to many applications in commercial vehicles. The many different application possibilities make it possible for components to be optimized for toughest mechanical stress.

Who's Stella?

Stella is the sustainable future of the automotive industry. Cooperation with regional suppliers, consistent avoidance of raw materials subject to conflict, the avoidance of child or compulsory labor, saving weight while maintaining product longevity, the recycling of old components, ethics and sustainability are of particular importance to voestalpine. Stella stands for a vision of the future in which mobility and the environment do not contradict each other anymore.

Ready for a new Xperience?

The ahss high-ductility, complex-phase steel CP1400HD of voestalpine redefines the limits of what is feasible in automotive lightweight design. CP1400HD is the world's first cold-forming steel to achieve the strength class of 1400 MPa with excellent formability and light weight. The next level of cold forming.

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