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Cold-rolling industry

Partnerships and our standard of excellence

Highest quality standards and a comprehensive range of special grades make voestalpine an excellent partner for numerous cold-rolling firms. The finely scaled and wide product range offers individual solutions for every application.

A portfolio filled with quality

Steel strip made by voestalpine meets every requirement: the highest quality in every respect. Quality that lays the foundation for the excellence of your products. As a leader in steel products, voestalpine offers manufacturers of cold-rolled products both manufacturing and processing expertise from a single source. The highest level of consulting professionalism and, above all, maximum consistency in every matter of quality make us an added-value partner for cold-rolling companies.

Kaltwalzer - Ein Portfolio voller Qualität
Kaltwalzer - Die beste Lösung

Best solution

The best solution for cold-rolling companies and their customers. Point blank. At voestalpine, we focus on the most effective and cost-efficient solution. We create solutions precisely tailored to the needs of individual projects. Solutions that far supersede the entire range of customer demands. This is also true in economic terms.

Joint developments

voestalpine is one of the most research-intensive companies in the steel industry. Through countless developments in cooperation with out customers, voestalpine has a large number of technical specialists with expertise in cold rolling. We deal with our business partners in a spirit of trust. This combination makes voestalpine a competence center for cold-rolling mills.

Kaltwalzer - Gemeinsame Entwicklungen
Kaltwalzer - Breitgefächertes Gütenspektrum

Wide range of steel grades

Cold-rolling companies have a large selection to choose from. The quality is always high. The best material properties to meet cold-rolling requirements are a matter of course at voestalpine. The individual properties are individually adapted to customer and project requirements as required. Degree of purity, thickness tolerances and surface and material properties can be varied as desired. Always in the interest of the customer and the final product.

Numerous areas of application

Cold-rolled products play a major role in a wide variety of applications. An exhaustive list of applications would be difficult. Here’s a selection: 

  • Saw blades, Bicycle chains 
  • Automatic transmissions, Disc brakes 
  • Hinges, Lock tongues 
  • Gear wheels, and much more!
Kaltwalzer - Zahlreiche Anwendungsbereiche
Kaltwalzer - Warmband mit einem Plus an Qualität

Hot-rolled strip next level

You go one step further with hot-rolled Q Q for even more quality than you would expect as a customer. Q for even more hot-rolled strip grades, especially for the cold-rolling industry. Characteristics that can all be of great importance to customers or just individually. Hot-rolled Q is a package full of quality and efficiency improvements for production as well as for the end product.

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Does your surface need a treatment?

Surface treatments made by voestalpine A multifaceted plus in the functionality and quality of steel strip. As a market-leading company, it is not enough for voestalpine to only manufacture products with outstanding material properties. Innovative surface treatments lead to an improvement to the existing properties when compared to the base material. They extend the fields of application and generate additional benefits that can be tailored to individual customer requirements. 

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Kaltwalzer - Zusatzbehandlungen von voestalpine
Kaltwalzer - Steel & Service Center

Steel & Service Center

As a works-based SSC Group in the voestalpine Steel Division, we are the center of competence for the preprocessing of steel strip and heavy plates. Maximum security of supply, our dedication to delivery deadlines and our proximity to the customer mean a lot to us: Our solutions provide added value for our partners. 

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Slit strip with new strength for new lightweight designs

One of the highest priorities of voestalpine is to make steel available for groundbreaking applications with ever continuing innovation. Einen wichtigen Schritt in diese Richtung setzt nun superslit, die modernste Warmband-Längsteilanlage Europas. Many new possibilities have become available in 2021 in the field of high-strength hot-rolled steels. 

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Kaltwalzer - Spaltband mit neuer Stärke

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