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Slag products

Old but effective

For many decades, high-quality construction materials have been manufactured in Linz from slags obtained from the blast furnace and steelmaking processes. Whether quickly cooled with water (granulated blast-furnace slag) or cooled slowly (air-cooled slag), these are secondary raw materials in sectors such as the cement, insulation and road construction industries. Material recycling processes contribute significantly to the conservation of natural resources and environmental protection.

Granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS)

GBFS is a valuable additive in cement making. Its use yields substantial benefits: Conservation of natural resources, reduction of CO2 through reduced use of clinkers and energy savings

This material also shows its strengths in corrosion protection.

Air-cooled slag

Air-cooled slag is used in civil engineering, particularly in road construction. Product advantages also include volume stability, high load capacities, angular grain sizes and low bulk density. This material is used increasingly in the rock wool and cement industries.

Converter slag

Converter slag is used in the cement industry.

Ladle slag

Is used as an additive in the blast furnace.  Used in the cement industry and the manufacture of rock wool as a calcium-containing and aluminum-containing raw material. Ladle slag is also used in agriculture as a lime fertilizer.

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