Highest wear resistance and hardness for the highest stresses

Just like diamonds, durostat® steels stand for highest hardness. This special property of durostat® steels is the reason for their essentially higher resistance to wear than conventional steels. They are optimally suited to applications with high mechanical stress and high levels of abrasion. durostat® steels also guarantee excellent toughness at low application temperatures.

durostat® can be used in many ways

durostat® can be used in a wide variety of applications. We offer our customers the highest quality standards, yet we continually define the limits of feasibility and never lose sight of our partners' best performance. durostat® is a wear-resisting steel with excellent properties that have set new standards Set wear resistance and hardness.

durostat® sets new standards in the machinery industry.

durostat® offers a wide variety of mechanical properties and stands for highest-quality processing.

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The new welding calculator app of voestalpine

Welding is complex. Complicated structures require not only the necessary welding technology, a great deal of sensitivity and a deep understanding of the material, but also extensive calculations. Until now, these calculations have been complex and time-consuming.

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durostat® can be ordered as follows:

Highest product quality and best processing properties distinguish durostat® steel grades. We have developed the special durostat® steel grades in order to prolong the service life of components used in abrasive environments. This service life lies significantly higher than that of conventional steels. durostat® steels withstand the most stringent environments. 

Depending on the customer requirements, durostat® steel grades are supplied in direct-hardened or non-hardened condition. Both heavy plates and steel strips are accelerated-cooled directly after hot rolling. The desired hardness is adjusted to 400, 450 or 500 HB.

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Introducing: the green future

voestalpine has always set itself ambitious sustainability goals and Stella Sustainable would like to tell you all about them. Stella reports on activities to protect our climate as well as initiatives for carbon emission reduction, environmental and social measures, the use of future-oriented environmentally compatible technologies, green logistics and circular economies in the steel industry. Stella represents our comprehensive commitment, our unstoppable pioniering spirit and the limitless culture of progress at voestalpine – curious?  

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