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Regeneration products

voestalpine is among the leading quality producers of high-purity iron oxide in Europe and places special emphasis on the further development of the product mix. Iron oxides from voestalpine form the foundation for high-quality soft and hard-magnetic ferritic materials, and our internationally active customers are among the best.

voestalpine iron sulfate heptahydrate is used in a wide variety of different industries because of its excellent product characteristics. Our iron sulfate heptahydrate is offered with improved flow properties for optimum dosing in free-flowing form.

Iron oxide

Our iron oxide is used in applications in the soft ferrite industry.

Soft ferrites are used in electronics and electrical applications such as power high-frequency transmitters, transformers, throttles, signal transmitters, broadband transmission, in filter technology and for the elimination of line-conducted interference voltages.

Our iron oxide also plays an important role in the production of hard ferrites. Hard ferrites are used in permanent magnets for loud speakers, headsets, electrical engines and magnets for servo-motors and sensors.

Further iron oxide applications are in the pigment industry, for example in the coloration of construction elements, casting industry and as catalysts in the production of styrene.

Iron sulfate

Iron sulfate heptahydrate made by voestalpine is used in municipal and industrial water treatment facilities as a precipitation and flocculation material. It is also used to eliminate phosphates and sulfides, in the reduction of bulking sludge and in drinking water purification.

Our iron sulfate heptahydrate is also used in the production of pigments in the paper industry, feed and fertilizer industries, as a moss killer and in the prevention of iron deficiencies.

It  is also used in the concrete industry to reduce chromium (VI) in cement.

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