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Areas of application

Our high-strength, water-quenched aldur® steels are used wherever weight savings and operating safety are in demand at low temperatures. Examples are welded structures under high levels of stress in crane and vehicle construction, in mining equipment and pressure piping. We also supply hot-formed chords for jack-up rigs and lift boats in offshore applications.




  • Weight savings are achieved through high strength in conventional structural steels that lead to higher useful loads in crane and vehicle construction and less expensive structures. 
  • Excellent weldability results from low C equivalents with high cold cracking resistance in the heat-affected zone, lower preheating temperatures. High levels of component safety are achieved by toughness in the welded joint.


 Steel grades: Special voestalpine grade 

  • aldur 500 Q, QL, QL1 
  • aldur 550 Q, QL, QL1 
  • aldur 620 Q, QL, QL1 
  • aldur 700 Q, QL, QL1 
  • aldur 900 Q, QL 
  • aldur 960 Q, QL 

Dimensions: Plate thickness: 

  • for aldur 500-700 Q, QL, QL1:12-110 mm 
  • for aldur 900 Q, QL:30-60 mm 
  • for aldur 960 Q, QL:30-50 mm 

Plate width: 

  • for aldur 500 and 550 Q, QL, QL1:3,800 mm max. 
  • for aldur 620 and 700 Q, QL, QL1:3,000 mm max. for d = 12–20 mm3,800 mm max. for d = 20–100 mm 
  • for aldur 900 and 960 Q, QL:2,500 mm max. 

Plate length: 

  • 13,200 mm max. for aldur 700 Q, QL, QL1 16,000 mm max. for d = 12-30 mm 
 Ordered weight: 
  •  At least 20 tons per line item Unit weight: 14.8 tons max. per single plate 

Toughness: Three grade categories are available: 

  • Base grade Q    –20 °C (Design temperature)
  • Cryogenic grade QL    –40 °C 
  • Special cryogenic grade QL1    –60 °C


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Heavy plates



High-strength plates made by voestalpine are used in offshore platforms. They are formed using special tools into hot-formed components in the manufacturing of heads.

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Supports and anchors

Offshore platforms stand on adjustable supports. During transport, the supports are retracted and protrude upwards. At the offshore site, they support the platform and anchor it to the seabed. Chords made by voestalpine Grobblech strengthen the gear racks of these supports and thus enable safe operation in adverse environments.

Complex manufacturing process

We developed our manufacturing technology for chords as hot-formed components in our in-house press shop. The pre-material is heavy plate made of high-strength and fine-grained structural steel produced in our own rolling mill. Strips are cut from this plate and formed into chords with a special tool on a hydraulic press with a maximum pressing force of up to 3500 tons. The tool function is based on finite element calculations and guarantees a high level of shape accuracy. After being hot-formed, the chords are water-tempered and straightened. Torch-cut or milled edging on the long and short sides is the final step in the production process.

Steel grade: aldur 700 QL1, S690 QL1, AB EQ/FQ70, VL E/F690

Dimensions: Lengths up to 4200 mm, wall thickness of 120 mm, diameter of 670 mm


High-strength plates

High-strength heavy plates made by voestalpine of fine-grained steels can have a minimum yield strength of up to 700 MPa. The special ultra-high-strength grades achieve a yield strength of up to 1100 MPa.

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High-strength plates

Higher stress

Machines and buildings are becoming bigger and bigger. When the size of a component is doubled in length, width and height, the weight increases by a factor of 8, while the load-bearing cross-sectional surface area only increases by a factor of 4. This increases the stress, or the weight in relation to the cross-sectional surface area, by a factor of two. High-strength steels can absorb these higher stresses, even when the component weight is reduced.

Concrete advantages

The lower weight of high-strength and ultra-high-strength heavy plates saves costs: Input material quantities, transport costs, assembly and foundation costs are reduced substantially. Costs are also saved during further processing. Thanks to favorable weldability, work can be completed more quickly and efficiently. Significantly reduced quantities of welding consumables are required, and weld seam testing is made easier.

Our program

High-strength heavy plates are available as fine-grained steels with a minimum yield strength of 620 and 700 MPa. Ultra-high-strength heavy plates are available as voestalpine special grades at 900, 960 and 1100 MPa.

  • alform plate 620 M, thermomechanically rolled, high-strength fine-grained steels
  • alform plate 700 M, thermomechanically rolled, high-strength fine-grained steels
  • aldur 700, 900 and 960 Q, quenched and tempered, high-strength fine-grained steels
  • alform plate 900 M x-treme, thermomechanically rolled, ultra-high-strength fine-grained steels
  • alform plate 960 M x-treme, thermomechanically rolled, ultra-high-strength fine-grained steels
  • alform plate 1100 M x-treme, thermomechanically rolled, ultra-high-strength fine-grained steels
Machinery Industry
Machinery Industry

Machinery Industry

The products of voestalpine feature excellent processing properties and provide optimized solutions for the machinery industry.

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Machinery Industry

Made for the toughest tasks

Some industries are what steel was made for. The world of machinery is one of them. Steel made by voestalpine is perfectly within its comfort zone where highest mechanical loads and high-tech materials come together in highly sophisticated designs. Technical limits are constantly being pushed upward by further developments and innovations. Best processability and increasingly demanding mechanical properties lead to complex designs that leave nothing to be desired in terms of performance and efficiency. Steel can be used in the most diverse applications. Wear resistance, ultra-high strengths and high quality in any case.


Exploring new frontiers

What would our daily life be like without machines? Very different, that's for sure. The invention of effective new tools has always been a way of overcoming our limitations, and we are still creating innovative materials to push the limits even further. At voestalpine, we have proven this again and again with new and optimized products. Expertise from a wide range of highly innovative industries is bundled and engineered into materials and solutions for machinery, equipment and vehicles. The solutions are not only convincing in the lab, and they open new possibilities by increasing efficiency in design, production and use.

Consistently reduced weight

When high strength is no longer sufficient. With alform®, voestalpine offers an ultra-high-strength material to be used in combination with the alform® welding system to produce ultra-high-strength weld joints. A reduction in material thickness of more than 70% without compromising any performance results in a weight savings that goes hand in hand with substantially increased efficiency. Best cutability, best forming behavior and excellent toughness round off this power package.

Safely increased efficiency

The demands on the materials used in modern engineering are enormous. Perfect workability during the production process must not be a contradiction to maximum wear resistance and economy of use. With durostat®, voestalpine has succeeded in more than just meeting these requirements. One of the safest, most robust and efficient materials, durostat® boasts of highest durability in abrasive applications, enormous weight savings when compared to conventional structural steels, hardness second to none thanks to a specially developed direct hardening process, best cold formability thanks to fine-grained microstructure and high degree of purity, and best weldability thanks to the optimized carbon equivalent.

The skipster is the true winner in lightness and stability.

alform® makes many things lighter. The thermomechanically rolled (TM) material combines lightness with stability like no other, making it the perfect candidate for countless applications where high load capacity and low weight are essential. This applies to high-tech and complex machinery as well as comparatively simple containers.

TransANT railway freight cars made of high-strength alform® steel

Rail Cargo Group (RCG) was looking for a lightweight design that would meet the logistics requirements of the 21st century. The subsidiary of ÖBB has many years of valuable experience in freight transports and is part of a very strong international network. Coupled with the material expertise of voestalpine, a future-oriented design has now been developed with TransANT. This could be a revolution in railway freight car design.

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