Steel Division

Industrial maintenance, repair and service

Production system services 

We are specialists in the preventive maintenance and repair of production systems in the manufacturing industry. From planning to order processing and monitoring, we are there for you around the clock. 

Machine tool services 

As an experienced and highly specialized partner, we ensure customer satisfaction, reliability, care, flexibility and highest loyalty to delivery deadlines. Benefit from an increase in workpiece accuracy and competitiveness while significantly reducing your downtimes. 

What we offer Overhauls, repairs and maintenance of cylindrical and surface grinding machines, milling machines, boring mills, lathes and vertical lathes, drilling machines and special machinery. We specialize in repairs and inspections of servomotors for a variety of manufacturers. 


Our crane specialists in the electrotechnology center and the center for engineering and mechanical technologies work hand in hand. Our highly qualified specialists will provide support for you with very short lead times. You too can benefit from lower maintenance and repair costs for your cranes and can count on increased availability. 

What we offer Consulting, planning, maintenance and repair, in-house production and purchasing, calculation, acceptance and documentation. 

Machine shop and hydraulic systems 

With many years of expertise and high technical standards, we guarantee the quality of our services. We provide professional consultation, inspection and maintenance services as well as a high level of operational safety following our repairs. 

Mobile processing 

Do you have production units that cannot be disassembled because of their large dimensions? Not a problem. With a specially developed 8000 kg boring and milling machine, our specialists can reliably carry out machining activities on site. Our technical experts plan their work activities in advance down to the minutest detail and meet the quality requirements of our business partners under the most adverse circumstances. 

Hydraulic and actuator service center 

Our specialists demonstrate their competencies on a daily basis in the technical departments of voestalpine at the Linz site. Our business partners benefit from this high level of expertise, thanks to the extensive cooperation of experts in our hydraulic and actuator service center. As a full-service supplier, we provide overall service packages from consulting, inspection, maintenance and repair to optimization of hydraulic and actuator systems. 

Pump service center 

Pumps are at the heart of fluid systems. Only properly selected and well maintained pumps can achieve the highest levels of performance. We see pumps as holistic systems. We begin by looking for just the right design for the intended area of operation. Then we look at how we can improve different parts of the pump. We also take additional measures such as increasing the corrosion resistance of pump components. These steps increase pump performance and reduce the cost of energy. We enter the data of every pump in our database in an effort to facilitate customer access to additional innovations and further optimizations. 

Pumps and compressors 

The EU Commission has determined that approximately 20% of Europe’s energy consumption can be attributed to the operation of pumps. 75% of these pumps are too large and use far more energy than required. We can help you identify power guzzlers, optimize your existing pumps and provide professional consultation with respect to your future purchases. 

Pump testing station 

Our new pump testing station is an effective means of assessing pump performance. The test results provide reliable information about the economic efficiency of your pump. The operational readiness of pumps in storage can be drastically reduced after longer periods of inactivity, and production system operation is endangered when backup systems fail. Regular inspections make it possible to detect defects beforehand and to guarantee functionality before the backup is required. Pumps with power ratings of over 110 kW can be measured efficiently at two of our pump testing stations. At a reduced speed, the pump is operated in a lower load range, thus making it possible to obtain data that we extrapolate using a calculation algorithm that is used to assess pump performance. 

Service for electrical appliances 

Electrical appliances are maintained, tested and repaired using the most modern workshop equipment and testing methods. The range of services comprises engine repair, diagnostics, analysis, consulting, inspection, maintenance and startup. We repair, wind, balance and adjust three-phase and direct current motors (up to 15 MW/50tons), generators, electromagnets, transformers and low-voltage switchgears. 

Elevators, conveyor systems and automatic doors 

Pursuant to ÖNORM B2451, we maintain and inspect elevator systems made by any manufacturer. We also train elevator operators used in various production facilities. Our technical experts are available around the clock. They can be on site within an hour. Our services meet all legal requirements. Your benefits are found in increased operational safety, reduced operating costs and rapid availability of wear and tear components. Our services are documented using IT systems.

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