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Electrical industry

Faster, more resource-saving, more economical, more durable, lighter

Properties that are constant companions in handling and development in the course of the electrification of diverse areas in our daily lives and in industries. For voestalpine, they are an incentive for top performance in the development of non-grain-oriented electrical steel and pole sheets for the electrical industry. From generator design to motors of all kinds and static machines. In close cooperation with international customers and research institutions, tomorrow's solutions are continually being developed.

Efficiency as a hobbyhorse

There is hardly an industry that is growing faster and has greater demands on efficiency than the electrical industry. In this highly competitive industry, solutions are constantly being created at the highest level. In an effort to remain one step ahead, voestalpine has made it its business to permanently monitor research results and to collaborate with international customers in developing tailor-made solutions that can be readied for serial production. The focus is not exclusively on the material itself. voestalpine thinks ahead and has comprehensive expertise in the area of insulating varnish systems. First and foremost, Backlack technology, an innovative joining process for electrical steel strip packages, has become indispensable for demanding customers.

Precision as a success factor

The pressure to optimize in the electrical industry is enormous, not least as a result of legal requirements. One of the prerequisites to high-precision component production is the use of high-precision electrical steel. voestalpine is aware of this and supplies tailor-made material that meets the highest demands in terms of shape tolerance and processability. Precise geometric properties as a result of continuous cold-rolling processes, consistent mechanical properties, low tension levels in wide and slit strip, clean surfaces, high adhesiveness and abrasion-resistant insulation coatings with best adhesive properties in the Backlack coating make isovac® a product that more than meets high industry demands.

Green power as motivation

Are you ready for a green future? voestalpine is optimizing its ecological footprint along the entire lifecycle. From the extraction of raw materials, steel production and further processing to the use and reuse of the material. 

Its use in the field of e-mobility or alternative energy generation in wind or hydroelectric power plants makes isovac® an irreplaceable material for customers who demand 100% performance and at the same time want to set the course for a green future.

0% troubles as a philosophy

100% customer-oriented. voestalpine thinks in terms of solutions. From preliminary contact to delivery of the finished product. In addition to sophisticated logistics strategies, voestalpine offers practical and industry-specific process support. Whether it be in annealing trials, the adjustment of a stamping tool or assistance in making the transition to a new grade, highly qualified specialists will offer their expertise to you each step of the way.

voestalpine isovac® Isolierlacksysteme

Backlack, a coating that connects 

Insulating varnishes and bonding processes are absolutely essential. With backlack technology, the foundation has been laid for an electrical steel that meets the ever-increasing demands on the efficiency and performance of electric motors. The most non-damaging and flexible process is full-face bonding of the lamellas. Freedom of design in large-scale industrial production, unique mechanical stability, best magnetic properties, improved thermal conductivity and enormous advantages in acoustic behavior speak a very clear language.

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