Steel Division

Linepipe plates

Specialist for extreme conditions

Extremely low arctic temperatures, extreme pressures in the deep ocean, acid media: Even the most difficult conditions have no negative effect on our linepipe plates. Our plates are found in depths of up to 3,000 meters below the sea surface, either in the form of sour-gas-resistant linepipe plates or as land lines up to 48 inches (1,220 mm) in diameter. We also offer roll-bonded clad linepipe plates with a corrosion-resistant cladding for the highest demands in sour-gas application. As a specialist in modern thermomechanical rolling technology with accelerated cooling, we are among the world's industry leaders. More than two million tons of sour-gas-resistant linepipe plates and high-toughness linepipe plates for thick-walled deep-sea lines testify to the success of our high-quality products.

Steel grades 

according to API 5L

BM, X52M, X56M, X60M, X65M, X70M, X80M, X100M, X120M

according to EN 10208-2

L245MB, L360MB, L415MB, L450MB, L485MB, L555MB

according to DNV OS-F101

SAWL245, SAWL360, SAWL390, SAWL415, SAWL450, SAWL485, SAWL555

according to ISO 3183:

L245M, L360M, L390M, L415M, L450M, L485M, L555M



Plate thickness 

9.5–63 mm

Plate width

1,400–3,800 mm (48" pipe diameter max.), dependent on thickness and steel grade; narrower widths upon request

Plate length

18,700 mm max.; dependent on thickness and steel grade

Unit weight

20.0 tons max. per single plate

Our linepipe plates are thermomechanically rolled and accelerated-cooled. All grades available upon request as sour-gas-resistant at pH3 or pH5 according to NACE TM 0284 Solution A and B. All grades can be delivered with notched-bar impact and Battelle test (BDWTT) at temperatures below 0 °C. HIC tests for sour-gas applications upon request.

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