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Heavy plates for hydrogen application

Being part of the green future

Globally increasing energy demand in combination with the governmental efforts to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases are generating a growing demand for an alternative energy source. Green hydrogen, sustainably produced by means of electrolysis and powered by the sun, the wind or the force of the water, builds the basis for the energy revolution.

Being part of this sustainable future and helping to achieve the global climate goals, voestalpine Grobblech is providing a variety of high quality steel grades for the entire hydrogen value chain.

Fit for hydrogen

Depending on your actual requirements, voestalpine Grobblech GmbH offers a tailor-made solution to fit perfectly for your application. 

In accordance with your individual specification, you are able to choose the adequate material concept, whether for the save and reliable hydrogen distribution via a pipeline, the storage of H2 in a large-scale tank, for process piping in hydrogen atmosphere or for reactor columns in most severe and corrosive environment. 

voestalpine Grobblech´s new H2fit heavy plate product family is the right choice.

H2fit basic

H2fit basic heavy plates are characterized by a very low content of phosphorus or sulfur. Thanks to our state of the art steel-work-route and utilizing an intense vacuum degassing practice these unfavourable residual elements can be reduced to a minimum. Furthermore our slabs are produced with the latest strand-cast technology. The dynamic soft reduction as part of our slab casting process enable to minimize center segregations of the so produced high-quality slabs. 

H2fit basic heavy plates typically find their application at low pressure and low temperature in pure H2 environment such as for transition or distribution pipelines or large-scale H2 storage tanks.

H2fit classic

Our classical steel grades for sour service H2fit classic show an outstanding resistance against hydrogen induced cracking (HIC). In addition to very low residual elements and the soft reduction, these particular steel grades undergo a special treatment in our steel plant. By treating the liquid steel with a calcium-silicon wire, the inclusion shape can be controlled. 

The classic application for this type of plates are e.g. H2 buffer tanks, columns and piping at medium pressure and temperature as well as in sour atmosphere.

H2fit severe

When it comes to severe operating conditions like high temperature and pressure in combination with a sour and corrosive environment, H2fit severe is the right choice. The combination of our HIC resistant steel grades and a stainless steel clad layer even allows for applications like reactors or piping in the H2 processing industry.

Application matrix for hydrogen

Application matrix for hydrogen

Typical steel grades

H2fit basic:



(S)A 516 / 537 C. 1 / Cl. 2

H2fit classic:

(S)A 516 Gr. 60 / 65 / 70 acc. to ASTM / ASME

(S)A 537 Cl. 1

P 235-460

H2fit severe Clad:

P 235-690 + 304 / 316 / 317 *)

(S)A 516 / 537 Cl. 1 / Cl. 2 + 304 / 316 / 317 *)

(S)A 387 Gr. 11 / Gr. 22 + 304 / 316 / 317 *)

H2fit severe Clad + HIC:

(S)A 516 Gr. 60 / Gr. 65 / Gr. 70 acc. to ASTM / ASME + 304 / 316 / 317 *)

(S)A 537 Cl. 1 + 304 / 316 / 317 *)

P 235-460 + 304 / 316 / 317 *)

(S)A 387 Gr. 11 + 304 / 316 / 317 *)

*) Typical austenitic stainless steel grades; Ni-basis alloys on demand and to be discussed.

The above shown table shall be understood a first guideline and represents only a selection of typical materials for the use in hydrogen atmosphere. The actual definition of the appropriate steel grade in respect to individual project requirements shall be done after technical discussion.


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