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Electrical steel strip

isovac® is the non-grain-oriented electrical steel made by voestalpine and stands for highest energy efficiency. Electrical steel is a material used in many different forms in the construction of magnetic cores in electrical appliances and machinery. voestalpine is Europe's market leader for non-grain-oriented semi-finished electrical steel.


isovac® made by voestalpine is a high-quality electrical steel for electric motors, generators and transformers of all kinds. 

The high demands of motors in general and especially drive motors in the field of e-mobility are met by isovac® with respect to efficiency and performance, highest permeabilities, lowest losses and, where required, high strength. 

Together with the pole plates of voestalpine, isovac® electrical steel makes a significant contribution in generator design with respect to increases in the efficiency of a wide range of generator types and sets new standards in terms of performance and sustainability.

The specialists of voestalpine are continually developing and optimizing special high-quality isovac® grades for static machines such as transformers, reactance coils or magnets for particle accelerators.

Product portfolio

Customized solutions are indispensable in a dynamic market marked by a wide variety of individual demands. With respect to compact engine design and high efficiency, voestalpine has just the right product for each customer.

Insulating varnish systems

The insulating varnish applied to the strip surface is a key factor in the highest performance of machines made of isovac® electrical steel. This is why voestalpine also relies on the highest quality of the insulating varnish systems. In close collaboration with leading European varnish manufacturers, voestalpine supplies insulating varnishes that contain no toxins, carcinogens, mutagens, formaldehyde or chromium compounds. The coatings meet all applicable EC directives (RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC).


Consistent mechanical properties across the entire length of the strip and clean surfaces that cause minimal abrasion on the punching tool are prerequisites to optimized punching processes.

The result of our stable and continuous rolling process is a reduction in the steel strip thickness tolerance value. Subsequent continuous annealing reduces material stress to a minimum. This enables voestalpine customers to manufacture components with the highest precision.

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Commercial vehicle industry

Commercial vehicle industry

ultra-high-strength steel grades and innovative technologies in the field of structural members and components are the key to efficient light-weight design in the commercial vehicle industry.

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Commercial vehicle industry

Focus on economic efficiency

The movement of goods is growing worldwide, and cost pressures in the commercial vehicle industry are increasing. The demands on highly efficient lightweight design are being completely redefined in ever shorter periods of time. ultra-high-strength steel grades and innovative technologies are the key to efficient and future-oriented lightweight design. Innovative materials made by voestalpine facilitate functional integration and reduce the cost of parts and components. The specialists at voestalpine offer an extensive portfolio of high-quality steels for cold, hot and roll forming as well as tailored-property parts Their innovations continue to push the limits of what is possible in commercial vehicle design. In achieving this, industry-specific materials, manufacturing expertise and reliability are coupled with effective relationships with our business partners, making voestalpine a top-notch supplier to leading manufacturers in the commercial vehicle industry.

Let your ideas fly! That's ultralights

Transforming ideas into lighter, stronger and more corrosion-resistant components. That is the credo of ultralights made by voestalpine. The ultralights made by voestalpine offer a comprehensive range of steels for lightweight design in the commercial vehicle industry, from advanced high-strength steels (ahss) for cold forming to innovative solutions for the hot forming of galvanized press-hardening steels (phs). That is how voestalpine pushes the limits of what is efficiently feasible in the commercial vehicle industry.

hot-rolled drive, hot-rolled steel strip

Ever growing demands in the commercial vehicle industry require ever more innovative design and material solutions. Especially in lightweight automotive design, more complex component geometries can only be made possible by maximizing the formability of the materials. In answer to this, voestalpine has developed a wide range of high-strength hot-rolled steels. The result is the perfect combination of high strength and excellent cold formability in the steel. The processing properties of hot-rolled drive steels far exceed those of the standard and offer economic advantages as well.

durostat® for hardness against wear

durostat®, stands for a range of voestalpine steels that is ideally suited to the demands of the commercial vehicle industry. Thanks to its extremely high wear resistance, the remarkable performance of durostat® in construction machinery can be transferred to many applications in commercial vehicles. The many different application possibilities make it possible for components to be optimized for toughest mechanical stress.

Who's Stella?

Stella is the sustainable future of the automotive industry. Cooperation with regional suppliers, consistent avoidance of raw materials subject to conflict, the avoidance of child or compulsory labor, saving weight while maintaining product longevity, the recycling of old components, ethics and sustainability are of particular importance to voestalpine. Stella stands for a vision of the future in which mobility and the environment do not contradict each other anymore.

Ready for a new Xperience?

The ahss high-ductility, complex-phase steel CP1400HD of voestalpine redefines the limits of what is feasible in automotive lightweight design. CP1400HD is the world's first cold-forming steel to achieve the strength class of 1400 MPa with excellent formability and light weight. The next level of cold forming.

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House industry

House industry

Increasingly qualitative and efficient solutions from voestalpine will be the household appliance industry standard of tomorrow.

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House industry

The ideal supplier to household appliance manufacturers

The household-appliance industry has always been a market segment of strategic relevance to voestalpine. For more than 60 years, we have been developing the unique expertise incorporated into our end products, our manufacturing technologies and the industry. This has made it possible for voestalpine, as one of the most innovative and research-intensive companies in the steel industry, to set new industry standards in collaboration with our customers.

Why customers rely on voestalpine

Many renowned manufacturers have enjoyed much more than a sixty-year partnership with voestalpine. Highly skilled technical and market experts continue to work very closely with customers on high-quality and efficient solutions that set the market standards of tomorrow. Sophisticated service and logistics solutions are combined with a highly professional overall package that has proven to be effective for many manufacturers. Convince yourself!

Specialized research and development

voestalpine focuses more on solutions than on standard products. Emphasis is placed on an understanding of customer requirements and the development of individualized solutions. In its daily work, voestalpine banks on innovation and defines the standards of tomorrow.

  • Joint product development in collaboration with customers in the industry
  • Synergies with other highly innovative industries
  • More than 700 researchers, a close network with research institutions and consistent focus on innovation

Reliability AT the right time and place 

With years of experience delivering products to every part of the world, voestalpine implements all procedures necessary in international logistics to ensure the highest level of reliability. The highest degree of reliability is also taken for granted when it comes to global deliveries. A global network of sales offices, selected partners and steel service centers make it possible for voestalpine to be highly flexible with regard to customer requirements and to customize supplies and solutions for customers in the household appliance industry.

Is powder coating still your thing? Follow along and reduce your costs.

A large number of possible designs, maximum functionality, flexible support for your production lines in accordance with environmental regulations, cost savings, simplified logistics and just the right benefits clearly make colofer® the winner when answering the question of whether to use colofer® or a powder coating.

Impressive special colors in small lots is possible thanks to colofer® coil splitting.

colofer® home, the organic-coated steel strip for the household-appliance industry, has already become an important name as a high-quality and high-performance product. But did you know that the colofer® color service can produce most any color, and the product can be supplied in small lots thanks to colofer® coil splitting? This makes colofer® home an ideal choice when it comes to design and flexibility.

voestalpine supplies solutions to the following areas in the household-appliance industry:

  • Dishwashing
  • Laundry
  • Cooling
  • Drying
  • Cooking
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multiface® is the superlative among additional surface treatments.

multiface® is the No. 1 in surface treatments: a multifunctional, nearly invisible protective coating with excellent anti-fingerprint properties. The coating provides excellent corrosion protection during transport and storage and very good forming properties without having to employ any additional lubricants. Components coated with multiface® can be painted or adhesive-bonded without any additional conditioning and can be processed immediately. The surface features very good adhesive properties.

corrender for increased efficiency through high-performance corrosion protection

A powerful protective layer with numerous advantages is created through alloying small amounts of magnesium and aluminum in the zinc bath. Highly reduced formation of white and red rust and excellent product processability make corrender ideal for any application in the household appliance industry.

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Electrical industry

Electrical industry

As a leading provider of electrical steel and pole sheets for more than 50 years, we meet the high requirements of our customers.

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Electrical industry

Faster, more resource-saving, more economical, more durable, lighter

Properties that are constant companions in handling and development in the course of the electrification of diverse areas in our daily lives and in industries. For voestalpine, they are an incentive for top performance in the development of non-grain-oriented electrical steel and pole sheets for the electrical industry. From generator design to motors of all kinds and static machines. In close cooperation with international customers and research institutions, tomorrow's solutions are continually being developed.

Efficiency as a hobbyhorse

There is hardly an industry that is growing faster and has greater demands on efficiency than the electrical industry. In this highly competitive industry, solutions are constantly being created at the highest level. In an effort to remain one step ahead, voestalpine has made it its business to permanently monitor research results and to collaborate with international customers in developing tailor-made solutions that can be readied for serial production. The focus is not exclusively on the material itself. voestalpine thinks ahead and has comprehensive expertise in the area of insulating varnish systems. First and foremost, Backlack technology, an innovative joining process for electrical steel strip packages, has become indispensable for demanding customers.

Precision as a success factor

The pressure to optimize in the electrical industry is enormous, not least as a result of legal requirements. One of the prerequisites to high-precision component production is the use of high-precision electrical steel. voestalpine is aware of this and supplies tailor-made material that meets the highest demands in terms of shape tolerance and processability. Precise geometric properties as a result of continuous cold-rolling processes, consistent mechanical properties, low tension levels in wide and slit strip, clean surfaces, high adhesiveness and abrasion-resistant insulation coatings with best adhesive properties in the Backlack coating make isovac® a product that more than meets high industry demands.

Green power as motivation

Are you ready for a green future? voestalpine is optimizing its ecological footprint along the entire lifecycle. From the extraction of raw materials, steel production and further processing to the use and reuse of the material. 

Its use in the field of e-mobility or alternative energy generation in wind or hydroelectric power plants makes isovac® an irreplaceable material for customers who demand 100% performance and at the same time want to set the course for a green future.

0% troubles as a philosophy

100% customer-oriented. voestalpine thinks in terms of solutions. From preliminary contact to delivery of the finished product. In addition to sophisticated logistics strategies, voestalpine offers practical and industry-specific process support. Whether it be in annealing trials, the adjustment of a stamping tool or assistance in making the transition to a new grade, highly qualified specialists will offer their expertise to you each step of the way.

voestalpine isovac® Isolierlacksysteme

Backlack, a coating that connects 

Insulating varnishes and bonding processes are absolutely essential. With backlack technology, the foundation has been laid for an electrical steel that meets the ever-increasing demands on the efficiency and performance of electric motors. The most non-damaging and flexible process is full-face bonding of the lamellas. Freedom of design in large-scale industrial production, unique mechanical stability, best magnetic properties, improved thermal conductivity and enormous advantages in acoustic behavior speak a very clear language.

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With its forward-looking technological developments, voestalpine is setting new standards in the automotive industry.

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Looking for the lightweight automotive design of tomorrow?

The automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented change. Technological developments are progressing at an enormous pace. The demands on efficiency and safety are enormous and are being completely redefined in ever shorter periods of time. In this highly innovative environment, anyone who believes that today's solutions must be valid tomorrow will be proven wrong by the competition. voestalpine is working now on the solutions of tomorrow. Whether for crash components, exposed panels that meet the highest surface requirements or body-in-white components, voestalpine provides the best solution for every demand of the automotive and automotive supplier industries. That is why leading OEMs and automotive component suppliers place their trust in voestalpine.

Let your ideas fly! That's ultralights

Transforming ideas into lighter, stronger and more corrosion-resistant components. That is the credo of ultralights made by voestalpine. The ultralights made by voestalpine offer a comprehensive range of steels for lightweight automotive design, from advanced high-strength steels (ahss) for cold forming to innovative solutions for the hot forming of galvanized press-hardening steels (phs). That is how voestalpine pushes the limits of what is efficiently feasible in the automotive industry.

Lightweight AND crash-safe!

Weight reduction is a central objective in the automotive industry. Less weight results in advantages in performance and efficiency. But does reduced weight also mean less stability? Results from the voestalpine crash simulator prove otherwise. This is where the high-strength and innovative car body steels of voestalpine are tested to the limit so they can be used in demanding applications, even in the most extreme cases. The results speak for themselves. The progressive buckling behavior and energy absorption values are excellent in spite of the light weight of the material.

Who's Stella?

Stella Sustainable is a testimonial to the sustainable future of the automotive industry. Holistic corporate social responsibility (CSR) is of particular importance to voestalpine. There are many other issues in addition to climate protection, future steel production, ecological logistics and transparent supply chains. Because we care. Stella stands for a vision of the future in which mobility and the environment do not contradict each other.

Ready for a new Xperience?

The ahss high-ductility, complex-phase steel CP1400HD made by voestalpine redefines the limits of what is feasible in lightweight automotive design. Impressive formability and light weight in a strength class of 1400 MPa. The next level of cold forming.

Electrical steel for the drive

In addition to lightweight design and safety, the need for highly efficient electrical steel for rotors and stators in the drive train is becoming increasingly important in electromobility. There are already more than 100 electric motors installed in conventional cars. New drive motors present the industry with completely new challenges. isovac® is the electrical steel made by voestalpine and meets the challenges of highest energy efficiency.

corrender is convincing throughout the entire car body, even in exposed panels.

The performance of corrender can be applied throughout the entire car body. corrender optimizes every structural or internal component, including those that are forming-critical or highly corrosive. The potential savings in the corrender metallic surface coating offers greater corrosion protection when compared with classic galvanized steel strip.

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isovac® is the electrical steel made by voestalpine and stands for highest energy efficiency in future-oriented sectors such as e-mobility and generator manufacturing.

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voestalpine isovac® backlack-v®


Upgrade your Backlack! Excellent processing properties lead to a significant increase in production process efficiency.

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