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Clad linepipe plates

Sour-gas-resistant linepipe plates

The sour gases occurring in the linepipes used for the transport of oil and gas are highly corrosive. Only the highest-quality materials are capable of withstanding this aggressive medium. As a leading provider of sour-gas-resistant linepipe plates worldwide, we supply linepipes with corrosion-resistant cladding for specific applications.

Protective cladding material

The base material is decisive in the production of linepipes. Our roll-bonded clad plates are extremely strong, tough and resistant to corrosion as a result of their cladding material. Materials such as our X65 product with nickel-based alloy 625 provide the optimum physical properties. Our pipe partners process these materials into metallurgically bonded clad linepipes.

Elements of the highest quality

The metallurgical bonding of the clad linepipes withstands the highest mechanical stress and dynamic loads, making the pipes especially suited to deep-sea applications under highly corrosive conditions.

Reeling and riser pipes 

  • Roll-bonded clad plates for pipelines 
  • High degree of corrosion resistance, even in sour-gas applications 
  • More efficient and cost-effective reeling of pipelines than with on-board welding 
  • Roll-bonded clad plates (SCR) for vertical pipelines (risers) 
  • Excellent properties of metallurgical bonded clad plates for highest degree of compression strength

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