Steel Division

Offshore plates

Applications under the harshest conditions

We deliver high-quality offshore structural steels and thermomechanically rolled shipbuilding plates for drilling platforms, oil platforms and jack-up rigs. These steels are also used in foundations for offshore wind parks and floating production storage and offloading vessels (FPSOs). In addition, we are in a position to produce chords for the feet of jack-up rigs. We supply prequalified material with plate thicknesses of up to 101.6 mm and CTOD values down to -40 °C for applications in arctic regions (arctic steel). Our thermomechanically rolled offshore plates are characterized by a high degree of toughness and excellent weldability. The low degree of cold cracking and high degree of toughness in the welding seam make it possible for us to guarantee the highest safety standards in welded structures.

Steel grades

Compliant with EN 10225:

S355G5+M, S355G6+M, S355G7+M, S355G8+M, S355G9+M, S355G10+M

S355G2+N, S355G3+N, S355G7+N, S355G8+N

S420G1+M, S420G2+M

S460G1+M, S460G2+M

All TM grades available up to 101.6 mm, available prequalified according to Annex E

Compliant with API 2H:

API 2H-50N (normalgeglüht bis 100 mm)

Compliant with API 2W:

API 2W-50, API 2W-50T, API 2W-60 (available 101.6 mm prequalified according to API RP2Z)

Compliant with API 2 MT1:       



Plate thickness

6-130 mm (dependent on steel grade)

Plate width

3,850 mm max. (dependent on thickness and steel grade)

Plate length

18,700 mm max. (dependent on thickness and steel grade)

Unit weight

28.0 tons max. per single plate


Our offshore structural steels are qualified before they are put into use: Our stringent testing procedures are implemented under operating conditions to inspect strength, toughness, and (most importantly) weldability. Tests are performed under the auspices of Lloyd's register. We supply our offshore plates in thicknesses up to 101.6 mm in steel grades up to S460G2+M, prequalified according to EN10225. We supply our offshore plates for arctic applications in steel grades up to API 2W-60 with guaranteed CTOD values down to -40°C, prequalified according to API RP2Z.

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