Steel Division

Cut shapes

Our modern cut shape facility is equipped with state-of-the-art production lines: 

  • Plasma and oxy-fuel cutting systems, 
  • oxy-fuel cutting systems with 3 torch heads
  • and a brand new beveling robot for weld seam preparation.

Plant overview

Cutting zone6 x 27 m6 x 27 m8.2 x 27 m
Thickness6 - 25 mm10 - 300 mm10 - 200 mm
ChamfersV und Y, max. chamfering length 30 mm

V, X, Y, K

Y, Y, X und K, until 60 mm Thickness

The different burning technologies are perfectly matched with the thickness and grade of the starting material. The expertise of our technical specialists guarantees excellent cutting quality and compliance with the narrowest tolerances. Their knowledge coupled with our modern mechanical equipment allows implementation of complex cutting configurations. 

The high quality of our flame-cut products is augmented perfectly by additional services such as

  • sandblasting, 
  • annealing and 
  • straightening. 

Each of these steps is available to our customers on a commission basis.

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alform® is a hot-rolled fine-grained steel with excellent cold-forming properties and excellent weldability.

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durostat® is the top-class solution of voestalpine for the machinery industry: a wear-resistant steel with excellent processing properties.

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