Steel Division

Heavy plates made of case-hardening and heat-treatable steels

Case-hardening and heat-treatable steels are usually heat-treated following final processing at the customer in order to unfold their final properties. Typical areas of application are in making tools and molds (e.g. for concrete blocks).

Steel grades

Heat-treatable steels

according to EN 10083:

C45, C45+N, C45E, C45E+N, C45E+QT, 42CrMo4

Case-hardening steels

according to EN 10084:

16MnCr5, 20MnCr5



Plate thickness:  

10–150 mm (dependent on steel grade)

Plate width:

3,950 mm max. (dependent on thickness and steel grade;

widths of up to 3,800 mm for Q+T)

Plate length:

18,700 mm max. (dependent on thickness and steel grade;

lengths of up to 13,200 mm for Q+T)

Ordered weight:   

At least 2 tons per line item

Unit weight:

11.7 tons max. per single plate

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