Steel Division

Mechanical manufacturing

Mechanical processing 

We stand for sophisticated milling, drilling and grinding work at the highest level, and we also offer on-site services to our business partners. We complete every order punctually and with a high level of precision. The high quality of our work is guaranteed by our highly trained professional specialists. We use state-of-the-art production equipment to meet the increasing requirements of our business partners. Short distances, reliability and uncompromising focus on the needs of our business partners are what distinguishes our services from the competition. 

Steel construction and welding shop 

We can provide every production step from flame cutting to final assembly. We have specialized in thermal spray coatings for several decades. More than 50 technical specialists guarantee prompt and high-quality order processing. We are a welding company certified (Quality Class 1) pursuant to ÖNORM M 7812. 

Thermal spraying technology 

Thermal spraying technology is a valuable alternative to welding, soldering and other coating processes. It is a technology that offers a wide range of possible applications, including maintenance and wear protection as well as the coating of components in an effort to attain special physical and chemical properties. The main benefit of this technology is low heat input, thus guaranteeing low distortion levels and being able to combine materials. For more than four decades, we have been satisfying our business partners with wire, powder, plasma and high-speed flame spraying and electric arc spraying. 

Copper plates for continuous casting molds 

Mold plates for continuous casting lines are used for shaping, in heat dissipation and in improving the casting strand surface. Mold plates must have a very long service life, yet new steel grades, casting sequences and casting speeds have placed high demands on the plates. Our new voestalpine-Mishima copper plate for continuous casting fully meets these new requirements. With a substantially improved service life when compared to conventional systems, the plate is highly flexible, thus making it possible to individually adjust the coating thickness and cooling system. Plate base material CuCrZr is heat treatable, and coating hardness 56 HRC remains practically unchanged up to 300 °C. 

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