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colofer® made by voestalpine is a steel strip that has been coated in an environmentally compatible manner for custom applications.

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Steel strips

Organic-coated steel strip

Organic-coated steel strip

colofer®, organic-coated steel strip made by voestalpine, features highest-quality surfaces and excellent processing properties.

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Organic-coated steel strip

colofer® is the high-tech composite material that consists of steel strip of the highest surface quality and a colored paint that can differ according to respective requirements. Excellent product properties and service tailored to the specific needs of the customer make colofer® a popular material in the construction and household appliance industries.

colofer® is the brand name that stands for a highest-quality product characterized by the following features:

  • Many years of experience
  • Products and solutions for every application
  • Service and benefits for our customers
  • Environmental awareness for many years 

The only true pioneer

colofer® is a true pioneer when it comes to protecting the environment and employee health and safety. In 1998, voestalpine developed an environmentally compatible colofer® production technology by completely eliminating chromium from the process, without compromising the excellent product performance and long warranty periods.

colofer® for both indoor and outdoor protection

colofer® is available in a wide variety of designs and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Please use our product finder to find the right product for the right place.

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Roof, cladding, drainage

Roof, cladding, drainage

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Roof, cladding, drainage

The best products are only as good as the materials used

colofer® is THE brand name for the range of organically coated steel strip made by Austrian steelmaker voestalpine. The coated strips can be used in a large number of indoor and outdoor applications. Learn more about possible applications.

Design on steel for unique architectures

RAL colors no problem at all. Different designs, structures, 3D optics and other impressive effects make architecture unique forever and are sustainable for facades and interior applications.

Do you have very specific ideas and guidelines? Take a closer look for yourself at our Color Service. Whether it be RAL NCS, Pantone color matching systems or corporate identity guidelines, we offer a virtually unlimited color selection.

colofer® is comprehensively certified.

DGNB, BREEAM, LEED, fire protection certificates, an environmental product declaration (EPD) and compliance with the REACH regulation and RoHS directive. Find out more about the wide range of colofer® certifications.

Highest level of quality

We know the different requirements of the industry very well. Best manual workability made possible by specially developed steel grades with unsurpassed scratch resistance make colofer® robust and colofer® robust rain materials that tinners demand. Efficiency coupled with an ingenious look and high resistance to mechanical and environmental stress.

You can win prizes with colofer®

The new headquarters of STEINBAUER Performance Austria GmbH with its impressive carbon-optic facade made of colofer® vario won the 2016 State Prize for Architecture in the category of Industry and Commerce.

Reliable performance test results take time.

Lab tests are accelerated procedures that do not optimally represent true product performance under natural conditions. Actual performance can only be determined after years of free weathering under natural conditions.

For this reason, voestalpine places a great deal of emphasis on testing the performance of colofer® PLUS based on results obtained from free weathering tests under natural conditions. The measured values are impressive: For many years, colofer® PLUS has been proving its top performance in countless applications, even under the most extreme natural conditions.

Sophistication is our claim

Different environments require different material properties. In adverse environments, there is no alternative to colofer® plus. When it comes to formability and resistance to corrosion, UV and scratches, colofer® plus cannot be beat. Even in the most adverse environments. Guaranteed for 40 years.

Like water off a duck's back

Drainage systems have their own rules when it comes to resistance, corrosion protection and processing. A specially developed surface in combination with various types of steel ensures top performance in drainage systems unrivaled in the market. 

More than just a roof over your head

Roof tiles must be impressive in appearance and function. The color variations of colofer® are numerous and are available in several different matt levels. Matt fine, matt coarse, matt extra coarse. Each variant has its own justification in different areas of application.

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Household systems

Household systems

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Household systems

Say you are looking for a supplier that offers more.

We at voestalpine consider ourselves to be pioneers who are always one step ahead in the most innovative industries. Every customer in the household systems industry benefits from this expertise. A broad product portfolio is supplemented by highly innovative additional treatments and special products developed specifically for industry requirements.



HVAC: Systems for renewable energy production and sustainability

  • Heating (heating & cooling)
  • Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning 


  • Heat Pumps for Residential & Commercial Buildings
  • Efficient use of PV electricity for 24 h coverage using H2 or CH4 technology for fuel cells

colofer® plus is our solution for outdoor applications.

A wooden fire door?

Yes! Available in a very large number of different colors, colofer® is available in many different designs that appear deceptively genuine, including stainless steel, wood or carbon. A special 3D feel makes our wood surfaces hard to differentiate from authentic wood surfaces. A broad portfolio of additional steel products and efficiency-enhancing treatments is also available.

The use of colofer® instead of powder-coated components saves costs!

colofer® is the brand name for pre-coated steel strip made by voestalpine. You can significantly reduce your costs and increase efficiency by switching from powder-coated components to colofer® CASING. colofer® CASING is characterized by particularly high scratch resistance and can be processed as a precoated product without the use of any protective film. With the help of the colofer® color service, the desired color shade can be easily reproduced and, thanks to the Steel Service Center, the product can be supplied in coils, cut sheets or slit strip.

Precoated steel strip for lighting

colofer®, the precoated steel strip made by voestalpine, can be formed easily and, depending on customer requirements, can be coated on one side (top side only) or on both sides (top and bottom side) with a coating specially developed for the lighting industry. Up to 95 gloss units and an epsilon value of ≥ 85 can be achieved. With the help of the colofer® color service, the desired color shade can be easily reproduced and, thanks to the Steel Service Center, the product can be supplied in coils, cut sheets or slit strip.

Almost invisible and yet so effective

multiface® is a multifunctional, nearly invisible protective coating with excellent anti-fingerprint properties. The coating provides excellent corrosion protection during transport and storage and very good forming properties without having to employ any additional lubricants. Components coated with multiface® can be painted or adhesive-bonded without any additional conditioning and can be processed immediately. The surface features very good adhesive properties.

Are you familiar with corrender as a powerful alternative?

By adding magnesium (~1.5% by weight) and aluminum (~2.5% by weight) to the zinc strip, a high-performance protective layer is created which, with the same layer of the metallic protective layer, provides outstanding corrosion protection and excellent workability as compared to conventionally galvanized steel strip.

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