Roof drainage with colofer®
Layer model colofer® drainage

Like water off a duck's back.

Roof drainage systems are an essential part of any building, and thus a design element with an important function. Both appearance and performance must be absolutely convincing. By using colofer®, you are guaranteed that these requirements are optimally met for a long period of time. 

We recommend two types of steel for roof drainage applications:


  • sgs 120 (soft)
  • sgm (medium)

The following three products are recommended:

colofer® offers versatile application possibilities. The only things that remain constant are the high quality of products and services, and our consistent commitment to remain one step ahead. The main task of graphic designer is an intellectual activity. Design is the development of solutions to problems and the visualization of this solution.


Years of experience as a supplier have formed the foundation for the development of three products that are specially suited to this field of application.


Figures in comparison
colofer® ROBUST
colofer® ROBUST RAIN
colofer® PLUS
Total layer thicknessapprox. 25 μmapprox. 35 μmapprox. 50 μm
Adhesion after bending≤ 1 T≤ 1 T≤ 1 T
Crack formation during bending≤ 3 T≤ 2 T≤ 1,5 T
Scratch resistance≥ 30 N≥ 35 N≥ 40 N
UV resistanceRUV 4*RUV 4RUV 4
Corrosion resistanceRC 3RC 4RC 5


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