Steel roof tile
Steel roof tile layer model

Aesthetics meets function.

A home that is built to last.The roof is the most important line of defense between the comfort of a home and the elements. By using colofer® for sheet metal tiles, you combine impressive aesthetics that last for many decades with the highest quality and excellent functionality.

For sheet metal tiles we recommend the following two products:

colofer® MATT
colofer® PLUS
Total layer thicknessapprox. 35 μmapprox. 50 μm
Adhesion after bending≤ 1 T
≤ 1 T
Crack formation during bending≤ 2 T
≤ 1.5 T
Scratch resistance≥ 5 N
≥ 40 N
UV resistanceRUV 4*RUV 4
Corrosion resistanceRC 3RC 5


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