Are you planning an application exposed to harsh environmental conditions?

Mit starker Korrosions- oder UV-Belastung bzw. mechanischer Beanspruchung? colofer® PLUS ist ein Produkt, welches dennoch standhält! In Bereichen, in denen andere Produkte an ihre Grenzen stoßen, sind Sie mit dem Einsatz dieses Produktes auf der sicheren Seite. From our perspective, there is only one product that is perfectly suited to applications under the harshest conditions and provides superior service life: colofer® PLUS

Do you produce components made of organic-coated steel strip and want to have confidence in more than just lab results?

Do you want a prematerial with excellent product properties, one that has proven its performance for many years under natural conditions? voestalpine is an Austrian producer of high-quality steels and also one of the most research-intensive companies in the industry. 

Only the best results without any compromises!

  • colofer® plus is a two-layer coating system with only the highest-quality product properties.
  • Highest corrosion resistance RC5
  • Highest UV resistance class RUV 4
  • Highest scratch resistance 40N
  • Excellent formability T ≤ 1
  • Warranty of up to 40 years

Reliable performance test results take time.
Lab tests are accelerated procedures that do not optimally represent true product performance under natural conditions. Actual performance can only be determined after years of free weathering under natural conditions. 


For this reason, voestalpine places a great deal of emphasis on testing the performance of colofer® PLUS based on results obtained from free weathering tests under natural conditions. The measured values are impressive: For many years, colofer® PLUS has been proving its top performance in countless applications, even under the most extreme natural conditions.

colofer® PLUS—More than just maximum protection

Experts at every level. Excellent corrosion protection (RC 5), highest reference values for scratch resistance (40 N) and UV resistance (RUV 4). Up to 40-year warranty and special guarantees for exceptional loads.

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