More than just maximum protection

 The difference when compared to other products. The impending ban of chromate (Chromium VI) as part of the new REACH Directive and environmental measures have led many steelmakers to switch to chromate-free production methods.

 colofer® has been an ECO pioneer since 1998 and we have acquired more in-depth manufacturing knowledge and product expertise in the field of chrome-free and chromate-free coating technologies than any other steelmaker. Our unrivaled experience enables us to offer warranties of up to 40 years for applications under the harshest conditions.

Chromating greatly influences product performance (corrosion protection, coating adhesion). Accordingly, a ban constitutes a massive interference with the production process and has an adverse effect on product performance.

  • Highest level of corrosion protection (RC 5)
  • Highest UV resistance class (RUV 4)

  • Mechanical robustness (40 N)

  • Best forming properties (1.5 T)

  • Longest warranty (40 years)

Scratch resistance
colofer® PLUS Guarantee
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Why you can rely on colofer® PLUS!

Numerous international customers rely on the versatility and performance of colofer® PLUS and thus set the standard for products that are one step ahead.

With colofer® PLUS, you get up to 40 years of warranty—automatically, no strings attached. For particularly demanding environments or guarantee requirements that go beyond standard guarantees, there is the possibility of acquiring special object-related warranties.

Extremely flat design

A special manufacturing technology for the ultraplan substrate lends colofer® PLUS an extremely flat surface that is free from medium waviness. Thanks to this high-precision design, colofer® PLUS façades not only look particularly aesthetic as a result of their high-quality coating, but also because of their perfectly flat surface.

Ultraplane design

colofer® PLUS—The environmentally friendly alternative to plastisol

Key figures
colofer® PLUS
Total layer thicknessapprox. 50 μm
Adhesion after bending≤ 1 T
Crack formation during bending≤ 1,5 T
Scratch resistance≥ 40 N
UV resistanceRUV 4
Corrosion resistanceRC 5
Certifications and regulations
colofer® PLUS

* No certification, EPD serves as the basis for achieving the requirements

Guarantees and warranties for roof applications
colofer® PLUS
RC 2RC 3RC 4RC 5
Corrosion (rust)352012*
Coating adhesion12105*
Visual appearanceRUV 4RUV 4RUV 4RUV 4
Guarantees and warranties for wall applications

Corrosion (rust)402515*
Coating adhesion15128*
Visual appearanceRUV 4RUV 4RUV 4RUV 4
Guarantees and warranties for drainage applications

Corrosion (rust)201512X
Coating adhesion1085X
Visual appearanceRUV 4RUV 4RUV 4RUV 4

* with special colofer® guarantee

Standard colors


The unique design of the production line makes it possible to achieve a very high degree of reliability in the reproduction of color shades.

Intense colors even after many years. colofer® PLUS offers an extremely wide range of colors and two surface finishes (smooth and textured). Since only the highest-quality paints are used for production, colofer® PLUS exceeds the requirements for the highest UV resistance category RUV-4 according to EN 10169. Even after many years, the façade shines as intensely colored as on the first day.


Colors colofer® PLUS

Available structures

Available structures colofer® PLUS