More than just versatile elegance

If it is something special, then there is no alternative to colofer® VARIO. Our versatile all-rounder for indoor and outdoor applications combines aesthetics and functionality like no other product. A large variety of appearances and effects provide the basis for solutions that inspire. A variety of different wood, metal, carbon and stone effects give buildings a very special appearance. An effect that lasts for many years. Selected designs are also available with a hot-laminated film for perfect protection.

  • Roof applications
  • Wall claddings

  • for indoor and outdoor applications

Standard effects and design variations

You make the choice! Get a glimpse of the available standard appearances and designs. The optional 3D effect provides a realistic surface feel. Selected designs are also available with a hot-laminated film for perfect protection.


An optional 3D effect that looks amazingly authentic in arange of different variations. Of course this is combined withthe unique and convincing properties of colofer®.


Inspired by nature and versatile in its application, Unidecor enhances optical elegance and features impressive product and processing properties. One of the trends of the time is the use of characteristic surface textures on a variety of different materials. Unidecor convincingly imitates these textures in different designs and combines the surface structures with modern color accents.


Long a classic effect in the automotive industry, metallic coatings produce multifaceted reflections and give the impression of high value and elegance. The metallic line takes this effect many other areas of application.

The metallic look is created through the use of special metal pigments that cause a glossy effect and change nuances in color shades.


One material, a range of colors. The colofer® iridescent line always focuses on the optical effect.

Is it real or magic? An impressive optical phenomenon is caused by light diffraction on the surface coating. Depending on the angle of view, the surface colors vary and create an surprising nuances.

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